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Asia’s Largest and old Deodar Tree Discovered in Jammu Kashmir


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Asia’s Largest Deodar Tree Discovered in Doda District of Jammu Kashmir

Muzaffarabd: In a remarkable discovery, Asia’s largest deodar tree in the Asian region found in Doda, (Indian-administered Jammu Kashmir) located approximately 20 kilometers from Gandoa, a divisional headquarters in the Doda district. 

While no official measures have taken to protect this natural wonder, a team from the Jammu Kashmir Department of Forests, led by Divisional Forest Officer Bhadrawah Chander Shekhar, has initiated temporary measures to safeguard it. The local community of Seol Society is also deeply concerned about preserving this tree and has reached out to the authorities for possible collaboration.

As part of this endeavor, on Tuesday, DFO Bhadrawah Chander Shekhar, along with DDSC Councilor Changa Nadeem Sharif, BDC Chairman Mohammad Abbas Rathor, Range Officer Bhalesa Sarish Singh Jamwal, and other local council members, visited Chanti to inspect this exceptional tree.

This deodar tree, believed to be the largest in Asia, boasts a circumference of approximately 10.5 meters (35 feet) and a height of around 40 meters. Remarkably, its estimated age is around seven to nine centuries.

The search for this precious asset began a year ago when employees of the Department of Forests stumbled upon it. Expressing the tree’s ecological significance, DFO Bhadrewah Chander Shekhar highlighted the need for its protection and appealed to the media and the local community to draw the world’s attention to this valuable asset.

He mentioned that although there are numerous deodar trees in the Himalayan region, a deodar of such colossal girth and age has never discovered before. DDSC Councilor, BDC Chairman, and local council members assured the community of their unwavering commitment to protecting this invaluable resource and commended the efforts to safeguard it.

Range Officer Bhalesa Sarish Singh Jamwal extended his gratitude to the media, council representatives, and Seol Society for their support in ensuring the preservation of this remarkable tree, thereby solidifying its place in the local heritage.

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