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Government employees’ organizations have given a deadline for the strike in POK


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Government employees’ organizations Strike in Muzaffarabad(POK)


In the city of Muzaffarabad, the different groups of people who work for the government in Kashmir (POK) have given the government a final date. This date is until August 23rd. They’ve said that if the government doesn’t agree to what they’re asking for, all the people who work for the government will stop working. They decided this in a meeting where people from different employee groups came together. This meeting happened on Thursday in Muzaffarabad.

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They have some things they want from the government, and two of those things will be agreed upon this Thursday. One of the things they wanted was a raise in the money they get paid. This raise will start from September 1st. Also, they will get the money they should have gotten for the last two months. Some people who were not allowed to work will also be able to work again. But the biggest thing they are talking about is the rules that make it hard for groups of employees to work together. The government has already decided that they won’t change their mind because of pressure from the employees.

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