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No Bail For starting forest fire, Says Chaudhry Muhammad Akmal Sagrgala

NewsNo Bail For starting forest fire, Says Chaudhry Muhammad Akmal Sagrgala


Muzaffarabad: (Azadi Times) 27 February 2023

The Minister of Forests, Wildlife and Fisheries of Azad Kashmir Chaudhry Muhammad Akmal Sir Gala has said that the accused will be punished according to the law for setting fire in the forests and using Chansia.

What is the punishment for deeds? Concrete steps are being taken to end timber smuggling. Chainsaws remain banned and a law has been made against its use, under which the culprits will be severely punished. Due to the global warning, the temperature is increasing day by day in the world.



For which plantation is indispensable, therefore the people and the Forestry Department are ensuring maximum plantation along with planting and will raise awareness among the public regarding plantation. Together we have to plant more and more trees to make a clean and green Azad Kashmir so that this region can be green and beautiful.



We can create a green and green country for future generations. The whole world is currently suffering due to the increase in temperature, the only solution is to save and increase forests, but in the last few months, Azad Kashmir.


Due to the forest fires in the forests, there is a lot of damage to the forest, which is an irreparable loss. Due to the fires in the forests, people, wild animals and other insects are in danger.



There are those who are destroying forests by setting fire against them They have been severely punished by cracking down on them. The public should cooperate with the department to protect the forests from fire. The current government has taken concrete steps to protect the forests in Azad Kashmir and save them from fire.


The region of Azad Kashmir is very fertile, the future of our children depends on these trees, the only way to deal with climate change is through afforestation and afforestation. Creating awareness among the people about the importance and benefits of forests in order to ensure the safety of the forests in collaboration with the people. I will give legal notice about it.


He expressed these views while giving a special interview to the journalists. He said that the government will make an effective plan for the protection and plantation of forests on the basis of division like the whole of Azad Kashmir, so that the consultation of the people and committees in plantation will be done.



How can the loss of forests be controlled by adding suggestions based on it? The role of Public Protection Forest Committees is very important to educate the people about the conservation and importance of afforestation and to protect the forests. With whose suggestions and cooperation forests can be protected.

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