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JAY-Z buys Beyoncé paintings after spotting them on news

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JAY-Z buys Beyoncé paintings after spotting them on news

Music mogul JAY-Z has once again shown his support for small businesses, this time by purchasing paintings of his wife, Beyoncé, from a young artist named Lauryn Michele. 

The artist had showcased her artwork on NBC News during Beyoncé’s two-night Renaissance tour stint at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. After seeing the news segment, JAY-Z invited Lauryn back for the second night of the concert and ended up buying three of her beautiful paintings of Beyoncé.

Lauryn Michele shared the heartwarming experience on TikTok, posting a video capturing the news segment and her subsequent meeting with JAY-Z to present him with the paintings.

This gesture follows another recent instance of JAY-Z supporting a small business. While in Chicago for Beyoncé’s performance, the rapper visited the Bronzeville Soul restaurant, a Black-owned establishment, after hearing about it through word of mouth.

Impressed by the food and the restaurant’s Black ownership, he gave it his personal endorsement, leading to a significant boost in business for the restaurant, which had experienced a challenging year.

JAY-Z’s willingness to support Black-owned businesses and young artists showcases his commitment to empowering and uplifting the community. His actions continue to inspire positive change and make a real impact on the lives of small business owners and artists alike.

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