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Jhelum Valley adminiostration to setup Ramzan Sasta Bazar – Report

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JHELUM VALLEY: Jhelum Valley administration joked with the public in the name of Sasta Bazar, set up a fruit and vegetable stall in the name of Sasa Bazar in front of Municipal Office Hattian Bala, made two photos for advertisement on social media, and the rates of Sasa Bazar turned out to be equal to the rates of the general market.


The public got a bag of 20 kilos of flour by photocopying it and listening to hundreds of things all day long and standing in line and getting ten rupees more expensive than the official rate.

On the second day of Ramadan, the shopkeepers of daily use items continue to sell at arbitrary rates in the big bazaars.

Deputy commissioners, assistant commissioners and all the officers and police are silent spectators. demanded the Prime Minister, Chief Secretary and IG of Azad Kashmir to take notice.


Arbitrary rates were collected from the public Jhelum Valley b Due to the lack of check and balance in any market, daily necessities are out of the reach of the poor. The poor people are forced to starve due to inflation.

Instead, the sleepy public has demanded that the Prime Minister, the Chief Secretary, and the IG of Azad Kashmir immediately issue orders to save the poor people from hanging in the Jhelum Valley.


After all, what is the reason that the district and tehsil administrations do not implement the fixed rates in the markets? People are forced to stumble from door to door to get the flour of Azad Kashmir from the Food Department.


The representatives are also playing the role of silent spectators. People say that we are only there to vote. Why are politicians silent after voting? We need an answer to this.


Checking to the extent of photo sessions in the markets is not allowed in any case. There is an urgent need to take concrete steps to end the artificial inflation across the Jhelum Valley.

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