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Jhelum Valley: Councillors on reserved seats takes oath


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Hattian Bala: (Azadi Times) The members elected on five specific seats of Jhelum Valley district council, two specific seats of municipal committee Hattian Bala, and 29 specific seats of thirteen union councils of Hattian Bala tehsil took the oath.


Sadia Hanif Shaikh from Chakhama Village did not take oath due to illness, Deputy Commissioner Jhelum Valley Syed Fida Kazmi from members elected on seven special seats of District Council Jhelum Valley and Municipal Committee Hattian Bala, while members elected on special seats from thirteen Union Councils. Assistant Commissioner Hattian Balawaleed Anwar took the oath.


According to the details, the five members who were successful in the specific seats of District Council Jhelum Valley, Asad Chaghtai Advocate, Zafar Iqbal Mughal Advocate, Shagufata Roshan Kayani, Ghazala Ashraf, Hasnain Kazmi, District Council members, Aftab Khan, Nafeesa Farid took the oath of the members Municipal Committee Hattian Bala from Deputy Commissioner Hattian Bala Fida Kazmi.


Whereas thirteen union councilors from Hattian Bala tehsils Saran, Sadak Chinari, Sina Daman, Chakothi, Khalana, Pahil, Gujjar Bandi, Chakhama, Nadjian, Lamnian, Maknet, Goharabad and 28 members out of 29 members elected from Union Council Langla.


Nadeem Akhtar Khatun Councilor from Union Council Langla, Zeeshan Ahmed Youth Councillor, PTI’s Bushra Shiraz from Union Council Goharabad, Muhammad Rashid Shaheen, Khalida Khurshid from Union Council Maknet, Muhammad Mumtaz, Union Council took oath from Sardar Waleed. Raja Abdul Qadir, Liaqat Hussain from Chakhama, Syeda Momina Batul from Union Council Nadjian, Nawaz Rasheed, Sardar Muhammad Jahangir from Union Council Sina Daman, Abdul Taif, Zubaidah Bibi, Zunira Parvez from Union Council Saran, Shiraz Mumtaz, Shahid Bashir from Union Council Khulana.


Sadia Bashir Chaudhry, Khadija Sharif Chaudhry from Union Council Chakothi, Iftikhar Hussain Chaudhry, Ulfat Naqvi from Union Council Chinari, Muhammad Mushtaq, Syed Asad Abbas from Union Council Pahal, Gul Taj, Daniyal Muzaffar Khan from Union Council Gujar Bandi, Shahnaz Akhtar and Union Sardar Hussam Ali and Zaytoon Gulzar are included from Council Lamnian.

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