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Muzaffarabad, Prime Minister will reach Azad Kashmir Jail

NewsMuzaffarabad, Prime Minister will reach Azad Kashmir Jail

Muzaffarabad (PID) Azad Kashmir Prime Minister Sardar Tanveera Lias Khan made a surprise visit to Central Jail Rara (Muzaffarabad). On seeing the Prime Minister suddenly inside the jail, there was great excitement among the prisoners, Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan mingled with the prisoners. He shook hands with each person in the jail, inquired about their well-being, the prisoners expressed their personal problems and complaints before the Prime Minister. On Friday, Prime Minister Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan arrived at Muzaffarabad Central Jail Rara in his own private car, and seeing the squad cars inside the jail, there was trouble at first, but later when the jail administration came to know that the Prime Minister had arrived, the prisoners were happy. And the feelings of joy became prominent and those who would be mobilized in their barracks to welcome the imprisoned Prime Minister. On the arrival of the Prime Minister at the Central Jail, the jail administration gave a briefing regarding the internal parts of the jail. Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan went to each barrack where he spent almost two hours with the prisoners. The Prime Minister sought information from each prisoner regarding personal problems and their cases. On drawing the attention of the prisoners, the Prime Minister issued orders to supply clean drinking water inside the jail and also issued an order to arrange hot water for ablution. On this occasion, while talking to the prisoners in the prison barracks, the Prime Minister said that prisons should not be a nursery of crimes but a center of reform. can He directed the prison administration that keeping the prisoners involved in serious crimes and those with minor crimes in the same place is likely to cause problems, so it should be ensured that the criminals of drug dealing, murder and theft are segregated. should be kept in barracks so that they can be protected from the criminals coming to the jail for extradition and minor crimes and special attention should be given to the training of minor prisoners. why The Prime Minister also sought information from the detainees and prisoners regarding the cases pending in their courts and directed the jail administration that a complete record of each detainee and detainee regarding his case should also be kept inside the jail. Most of the cases of prisoners and extraditees are presented in court without regard to other records. The Prime Minister issued orders to compile a record of all persons entering the jails and install a biometric system. During a visit to the prison barracks, the Prime Minister paid a fine of Rs. Released with the advice of The Prime Minister also got information from the young prisoners regarding their education and skills, one of the young prisoners told him that his education had worked, so the Prime Minister asked him various questions and instructed him to continue his education. On drawing the attention of the prisoners, the Prime Minister also issued instructions to provide hot and quality food. The Prime Minister directed the jail administration to ensure the teaching of Nazra Quran inside the jail. On this occasion, a prisoner told the Prime Minister that he was studying the Quran inside the jail and had read eighteen verses so far. During the discussion on this occasion, Prime Minister Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan said that the punishments are the matter of the prisoners and the courts, we are only trying to ensure the basic rights that the human state gives to its citizens on the basis of human compassion. are During the Prime Minister’s presence in the jail, the inmates were extremely enthusiastic and engaged in lively conversation with the Prime Minister without any hesitation. Later, when Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan left the jail, the inmates and the jail administration released him. Sardar Tanveer Ilyas himself entered the city limits while driving a car, and the passers-by greeted him by waving their hands. Citizens continued to express their happiness to see the Prime Minister himself driving the car, while the motorcycle-riding youth joined the Prime Minister’s score by making victory signs and selfies. The Prime Minister was accompanied by Information Secretary Ansar Yaqub and district administration officers.

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