Palandri: FIR registered against District Councillor in Azad Kashmir


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Palandri: Palandri police have registered an FIR against Zaheer Jawad, a councilor elected from Sadhnuti district on the motion of the Food Department, on charges of interfering in government affairs, blocking the road, and giving threats.


The orders of the food department had requested that the said councilor came to Goura Mill along with half a dozen people a few days ago and pressed to give one hundred maunds of flour per person. None of these persons were registered dealers with the Food Department, so if they were refused flour, they would leave with threats.


Two days later they came again with other people and blocked the road in front of the mill, closed the gates of the mill, pelted stones, and stopped the delivery of flour to other districts.


In light of the request, the police registered an FIR and started the investigation, but no arrests have been made yet. This is the first FIR against councilors who were elected two months ago for interfering in official affairs.

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