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‘Poonch Medical College and us. Professor Ayesha Yusuf

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The flowers are full of color and the new spring comes
Even if you go, Gulshan’s business will continue
As soon as the black nights end, as soon as the icy winds stop, like every year in early March, the ceremony of adding color to the stones, fresh and new flowers of the spring breeze. As if it is an exercise of handing over the business to Gulshan, which is celebrated in the style of Nowruz with great pomp and ceremony called “white coat ceremony”. Here the nation’s messiahs are made aware of the most important responsibilities assigned to them by wearing white coats. Where the builders of the nation are trained as Christians so that they can pick the pains and pricks of the afflicted with their fingertips and give them peace and comfort. Here they are given a formal and hearty welcome to tell them how much they are an active part of the society and how much they have become associated with the sacred sphere whose sanctity is obligatory upon them till death. Reviving the sanctity of which is more than becoming a doctor.
Poonch Medical College Rawalkot (affiliated Pakistan Medical Commission, University of Health Sciences Lahore) is the only educational institution in Poonch district in the Department of Medicine, which started in 2013. But the college is still deprived of its building and other basic facilities. Poonch Medical College. An indispensable and important institution like our existence. Constitution is that institutions become our identity and national identity. It is on them that our creation and deterioration are suspended.
On the morning of March 14, 2023, at 10:30 AM, the 11th White Coat Ceremony of this year was held in the hall of Poonch Medical College. Waseem Azam continued to devote the hearings and visions of the audience to the proceedings of this event. During the ceremony, Principal of Medical College Dr. Shabir Chaudhry and President of Doctors Association Dr. Wajid Ali Khan were present in the chair. Apart from the principal of the institution, Prof. Dr. Abdul Waheed, Prof. Dr. Abdul Moneem, Prof. Dr. Nadeem Khan, Dr. Shakeel Sadiq, Dr. Azhar Ali Kazmi and Dr. Muhammad Nadeem Khan wore white coats to the students while Dr. Shazia Siddique, Prof. Dr. Rukhsana, Dr. Misbah Batul. Dr. Hafiza Qamar and Dr. Zareena Akmal performed the duties of wearing white coats to the students. After that, the principal of the institution took the oath of loyalty to the students.
Just as the history of nations tells the story of ups and downs with a continuity, in the same way, the life of institutions also consists of the duration of the circumstances and events. However, institutions guarantee the survival, development and sustainability of any nation.
Poonch Medical College also suffered from various difficulties from its early days, which the wise leaders and elders of the city somehow made it fit for this institution to perform its duties well.
Be it as a welcome address or detailing the establishment of the medical college or determining the performance and priorities of the college with each passing day, introducing the teachers of the college or based on golden thoughts and ideas about the sanctity of the profession for the students. Key phrases. Dr. Sardar Shabbir Ahmed did justice to every subject. He not only described this institution as an unexpected blessing for the entire district, but also saluted the hard work of those who gave up everything for the institution, whose hard work day and night, compared to those who went to distant countries and made their future bright. , dedication and blood is busy watering the wells that are to be the cure for the sufferings of humanity in the near future. Dr. Shabbir Ahmed described this institution as a beautiful “bouquet” to represent the four units of Pakistan from “across” to “across” except Kashmir. Where the number of seats is fixed for each.
Dr. Wajid Ali Khan, through his welcome speech, congratulated the parents and students whose grades made them successful otherwise getting more than 90% marks is not an easy task at all, but it is only a milestone. Not the destination. There are still more tests of love. Where there will always be a need for absorption. According to Dr. Wajid, “Service to miserable humanity” is a phrase that has lost its importance due to endless repetition, but the spirit of this phrase is that two words reflect the entire life of a doctor. The motto of his life is this one phrase and this is the oath taken.
The establishment of three medical colleges in three districts of Azad Kashmir, Muzaffarabad, Mirpur and Poonch, is a welcome initiative. Thanks to the efforts of the people who made this possible, it is inevitable that these benefactors should be appreciated for the inspiration and motivation of future generations. For the past few years, the construction and development work of this institution has been delayed. This gives rise to the impression that civil society has limited its efforts or that the priorities of our governments are centered on something else, due to which our aspirations are still a work in progress.
Dr. Wajid while addressing the ceremony further said that the construction of the college building and the adjacent hospital in a long period of eleven years was not an impossible task which could not be made possible till date. Expressing his ambitions regarding the college, he said that along with education, training is also organized in our institution so that the students are fully aware of their duties. Those studying here stay in the country or go abroad to serve, they always contribute to the development of the country and the nation. Some people seem to be concerned, apart from criticizing the non-availability of jobs for a large batch of graduates after the establishment of three medical colleges across Azad Kashmir. But I think that just as water itself comes to its own age, similarly these trained people who are devoted to the spirit of service also have a great ability to make their own place and place in the society. They will not need to show the way at all.
Wasim Azam; Assistant Director of Students Affairs and Admin; Covering the problems faced by the college, he paid tribute to the active role of the faculty, whose step by step made this beautiful garland. Those who are performing their duties in many positions without compensation at the same time. Apart from this, he also requested the officials that it is the duty of the state to provide job security to these employees so that they have equal opportunities in work.
Director General Health Dr. Sardar Aftab Ahmed Khan, the chief guest of the event, assured the very early implementation of the PC1 project. By which it will be possible to solve all the unresolved problems of the institution.
In the closing part of the ceremony, the principal of the college, Professor Dr. Shabir Chaudhry, called the doctor’s white coat a symbol of divinity, which demands angelic qualities from human beings. Individuals and society consider him to have comprehensive qualities and exemplary character. If he forgets himself and makes service to the people his motto, money will still follow him. At the end of the program, the departed great benefactors of the nation were remembered and prayers were prayed for them.
The medical college movement started years ago. Some leaders became the effective role of the movement and then fell victim to the era of withdrawal, then the new arrivals became the leader of the caravan. The action of all of them is unforgettable that we should not just remember our progress. We also have to introduce our generations to them. In this lies the secret of flourishing national life.
It is difficult to establish a medical college and maintain its status, be it quick approval of PC1 or job security, speedy completion of the under-construction hospital at Chak Dhamni or staff training centers at Rawalkot. Establishment of cardiac hospital with 25 beds. College and people are the strong demands of the area which are ignored on promise. Realizing the fact that the teachers and doctors associated with the college are performing their duties diligently in the most adverse conditions. Encouraging them and realizing their difficulties is equivalent to breathing a new spirit into them, on the other hand, there is nothing wrong with the fact that it is the duty of the state to discharge such responsibilities. But it should be remembered that chaos and distraction, whether internal or external, is harmful to institutions and nations. Consensus is the source of strength.

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