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Rawalakot: Unknown women kidnaps girl from her home in broad daylight

NewsRawalakot: Unknown women kidnaps girl from her home in broad daylight


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Rawalakot: (Azadi Times) Unknown women kidnapped a girl from a house near Hajira Road D Chowk, one kilometer away from Rawalkot city and fled with jewelry worth about eleven lakh rupees.

This incident happened today around two o’clock PM. Two women went to a house and pretended that they came from D Chowk and wanted to get some clothes sewn. They asked the woman in the house for water. When the lady in the house answered different questions from him, he said that she had brought clothes for sewing in the evening.


At the same time, she showed different tricks. He started. He cut seven pieces of a thread and then tied it together. Then he started reading something, after which he asked for salt and turned it into clay. Meanwhile, when another woman from the neighborhood came to the same house, those women talked with her. started talking that you have joint pain then read something and convinced her that she will go to his house then she said I went to his house in D Chowk.


There, meeting his family members, he sat alone in the room and began to suffocate him. The victim was so hypnotized that she herself went to the main road to bid them farewell. The incident was immediately reported to the police who blocked the roads leading to Rawalkot and They reached the spot but could not find any trace till nightfall.


It should be noted that such incidents happen every year in Rawalkot and its surroundings and every time these groups become active in a new form. The police appealed to the citizens. That where many suspicious persons are seen, the local police should be informed immediately.

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