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Kashmiri Businessman shot dead in Rawalpindi


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MUZAFFARABAD: (Azadi Times), A well-known real estate businessman Sardar Muhammad Azam Khan from Trar Khel village of Sudhnoti district of Azad Kashmir, living in Pakistan’s Rawalpindi, killed by unknown persons outside his office.


While his colleague Raja Sajid was seriously injured and taken to a local hospital. Sardar Azam Khan, who himself was involved in the property business, had a property office in Rawalpindi’s Saddar along with Raja Sajid, a resident of Chakri Road, Rawalpindi.

The CEO of Silver City Sardar Azam Khan’s son Muhammad Ayaz Khan. About two months ago a young man was killed in a land dispute on Chakri Road, Rawalpindi. He was the son of the well-known property businessman Mamreez Bhatti.


Mamreez Bhatti considered Raja Sajid as his rival in this business and was blaming his son’s murder on his group. Raja Sajid has the support of Chaudhry Nisar.


Rumors were circulating for days that the Mamreez Bhatti group wanted to take revenge for this murder. On the day of the incident, Raja Sajid came to Adamji Road President Rawalpindi’s office for some time.


On his return, Sardar Azam Khan came down to bid him farewell. There is also a report that he was preparing to go with them in the car when a motorcycle rider passes from the left side.


Sardar Azam Khan was killed on the spot while Raja Sajid was seriously injured and was rushed to the hospital where he is in a life-and-death struggle.


More than half a dozen of them were shot. It should be noted that more than four businessmen belonging to Azad Kashmir are facing similar conflicts for the past few years.

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