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That mistake could makes you prone to colds or other diseases

NewsThat mistake could makes you prone to colds or other diseases

Do you often catch colds or other common seasonal illnesses?

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If so, it may be because you have a smartphone in your hand.

This is according to a new study in the United Arab Emirates it came out. A joint study by Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences and Bond University in Australia stated that ensuring the cleanliness of smartphones and smartwatches can provide better protection for people’s health. The research discovered That hand hygiene is not beneficial if the smartphone or other devices are not cleaned properly.


According to the research, due to the hot temperature and touch screen display, smartphones are conducive to the growth of disease-causing germs. Phones are never far from us and we take them everywhere, so it’s as important to make cleaning our phones a habit as we take care of our hands, the researchers said. In this study, the staff of a medical center was involved and samples of their mobile phones and smartwatches were collected inches were checked.

The hands of these people were also examined by metagenomics sequencing technology. The results showed that the germs on the hands are also present on mobile phones and smartwatches. According to the research, there were some germs that had the ability to resist drugs, while in some devices, the coronavirus was also discovered.


The researchers said that these germs on the screens of phones can prove to be a threat to people’s health, but cleaning mobile phones can reduce this risk. can be reduced. Experts suggest that it is important to make smartphone cleaning a routine and sanitization wipes should be used for this purpose. They further said that avoid cleaning the phone while charging.

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