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Thieves Steal Cash and Jewelry Worth Lakhs of Rupees in Jhelum Valley

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Hattian Bala, June 15, 2023: Thieves stole cash and jewelry worth lakhs of rupees in a daylight theft incident in Jhelum Valley’s Khatai (Sidhani) village near Chinari.

The incident took place on June 14, when unknown thieves took advantage of the absence of family members at the house of Farooq Ahmed Khan, a resident of the village. The thieves entered the house through the window and stole jewelry, including a pair of hooks, a locket, an iPhone, and lakhs of rupees in cash.

Farooq Ahmed Khan’s wife reached home with her children and found the window of the house open and the belongings scattered. She immediately reported the matter to her husband, who then filed a complaint with the police.

The police have registered a case against the unknown thieves under Sections 14 EHA and 454 PC. The police have also started an investigation into the matter and are hopeful of arresting the thieves soon.

The local dignitaries and the people of the area have assured the police of their full cooperation in arresting the thieves. They have also demanded the strictest action against the perpetrators of the theft.

SP Jhelum Valley Expresses Anger

SP Jhelum Valley has expressed deep anger over the incident and has demanded the police arrest the accused as soon as possible. He has also warned the criminals that they will not be spared and will be dealt with strictly.

The SP has also appealed to the people to remain vigilant and to report any suspicious activity to the police immediately.

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