Thursday, September 29, 2022

Akbar Hussain Waziri Chairman Youth and Civil Society Constituency No. 3 visit to Guru Jaglot with his team

Jaglot (Azadi Times – Latest Gilgit-Baltistan News) Akbar Hussain Waziri Chairman of Youth and Civil Society Constituency No. 3 visited Guru Jaglot with his team and expressed sympathy for the victims. In this hour of difficulty, Guru is standing side by side with the people of Juglot. 

Due to the flood, Governor Jaglot and The people are facing difficulties. 57 families are affected. Standing crops and hundreds of canals of land are destroyed. In this hour of difficulty, the people of Gilgit-Baltistan should help the victims. The responsible persons go away after inspecting these Juglot roads. People are trying to save their houses and standing crops with your help without service. 

He further said that in this hour of difficulty, it is our duty to work together to relieve the suffering of the victims and help them. So far, no adequate arrangements have been made by the government for the victims of Guru Jaglot. Some tents have been provided and the star families have been moved to a safe place. 

All the rest of the necessary things have not been delivered to the victims, which are completely non-existent. He has strongly demanded from the government that it should not be limited to statements but practical work is needed. 

The government should immediately transfer homeless families to safe places by providing quotas. And provide all the needs of the victims. Repair all the damages so that these poor people are able to settle in their homes again.

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