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Mysterious Death of Government College Driver in Leepa Valley Sparks Demand for Investigation


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Leepa Valley, Azad Kashmir (Azadi Times): The death of Chaudhry Naeem, the driver of Government Girls Degree College in Leepa Valley, has left the local community in search of answers.

Despite the passage of one and a half months since the incident, the true circumstances surrounding his demise remain elusive, fueling various speculations among the residents. In response, public circles are now calling for a thorough investigation led by the Inspector General of Azad Kashmir.

On June 20, 2023, Chaudhry Naeem, son of Chaudhry Nazir Ahmed, was discovered in an injured state near Nokot Street, where he fought for his life in the hospital for several days before succumbing to his injuries. Local sources reveal that the driver had visible signs of being beaten with a hockey stick or a similar object at the location where he was found. Interestingly, his motorcycle was also present at the scene and appeared to be undamaged. Efforts were made to portray the incident as an accident, but many locals firmly believe that Chaudhry Naeem was intentionally murdered.

During the incident, another person’s mobile phone was found alongside the driver, adding to the mystery. Yesterday, Gulam Allah Awan, a young political and social leader from Leepa, addressed a gathering and emphasized the need for an investigation into Chaudhry Naeem’s death. Awan expressed confidence that a thorough inquiry would unearth the truth behind the incident. However, as of now, no official investigation into the driver’s death has been initiated.

Sources indicate that initially, the heirs of Chaudhry Naeem filed a complaint at the Leepa police station regarding his death. However, for unknown reasons, the request was later withdrawn. When questioned, the driver’s brother clarified that they did not harbor suspicions against anyone, leading them to retract the complaint voluntarily and without any external pressure.

Responding to inquiries about the motorcycle’s seemingly undamaged condition, he explained that certain accidents occur without causing visible damage to the vehicle. He further stated that they admitted their brother to the hospital in critical condition, during which he remained unconscious. Consequently, they refrained from pursuing a post-mortem examination to avoid further distressing their deceased brother.

In light of the prevailing uncertainties, the public is demanding a high-level investigation into the death of Chaudhry Naeem. They have appealed to the Inspector General of Azad Kashmir to intervene and shed light on the circumstances surrounding the driver’s untimely demise.

The community anxiously awaits a resolution to this case, hoping that a thorough investigation will provide them with the truth they seek and bring justice to Chaudhry Naeem and his grieving family.

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