Saturday, September 24, 2022

Education Minister Schools and Toyota Azad Kashmir Deewan Ali Khan Chughtai rained down on former Prime Minister Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan


Chinari (Special Reporter) Education Minister Schools and Toyota Dewan Ali Chughtai while talking to reporters said that reforms in the education department is my first priority and I will play my full role to put life in the dead horse of the education department:

Prime Minister Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan Niazi On special instructions, the Department of Education has started practical work to bring transparency in the contract system and abolition of on-duty system. The education department has to be modernized. He assured the officials of the education department that he would not take any action against any teacher or junior employee. He has started using the shelter of politicians and politicians have started making political statements without thinking. 

Deewan Ali Khan Chughtai said that Raja Farooq Haider Khan should not compare his darkest era with the present government in the last days of his government. I b Permanent ad hoc employees under non-PSC and NTS black law is the worst toy with the future of highly educated and skilled youth which is going to end soon. Farooq Haider is the former Prime Minister. 

If there are reservations about any transfer of appointment, then tell them that their legitimate demands will be implemented. 

As for challenging the writ of the state, no one is above the law. If anyone breaks the law, he will be dealt with by constitutional hands. I believe in tolerance but our dignity should not be considered as a weakness Damaged property, not even 90 days have passed since the formation of the government, you are already confused.

It is our crime to bring absent teachers for ten years, then we will continue to commit this crime, we will treat the children of the poor equally. Teachers who want education Ladla and Chahta who can’t read, he has to go home, he has to go to the limit, what threats, bullying, rigging, I am not afraid 

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