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Bitcoin Hits New Highs How To Earn Cryptocurrency By Selling Your Surplus Net

BlogBitcoin Hits New Highs How To Earn Cryptocurrency By Selling Your Surplus Net

Muzaffarabad (Azadi Times Online) If you are not using the full bandwidth of the internet in your mobile, computer or laptop, then you can earn cryptocurrency by selling your unused internet. There is a threat in the crypto world.

Bitcoin has reached new highs and all the crypto market has caught people’s attention, a new project has been launched in the crypto world to be a part of which you will sell your excess net and in exchange. You will get a chance to earn cryptocurrency.

This app is called uprock which is an artificial intelligence earning program. Where people can sell their excess internet bandwidth to the uprock network to earn cryptocurrency uprock tokens.

By installing the uprock app on their mobiles, people contribute to building a decentralized web data infrastructure for artificial intelligence, and in return, people are rewarded in the form of tokens. Or has gone and it will soon be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges after which you will be able to exchange your mined tokens for dollars.

If you are wondering what this company will do with your extra internet then uprock is an artificial intelligence program as the name suggests this company will use your extra internet. The Net will provide artificial intelligence to companies that are currently training various models of artificial intelligence and for this task these companies require a lot of internet.

If you also want to mine cryptocurrency with this app, the way to use this app is very easy. 
Sign up in the uprock app by clicking on the link below

First enter your email address, a verification code will be sent to your email address, enter this code in the app and then in the app Go ahead and set up your profile.

After signing up on the app, download the app from the link below and earn cryptocurrency for free by participating in the uprock network.

You can also follow their Twitter account by clicking on the link below to get more information about the project and to know about the future of the project.

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