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Explore the Enchanting Beauty of Chikar: A Hidden Gem in Azad Kashmir


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Located in the Jhelum Valley district, approximately 50 km away from Muzaffarabad, the capital of Pakistani-controlled Azad Kashmir, Chikar is a breathtakingly beautiful place renowned for its natural splendor. Often referred to as the heart of Azad Kashmir, Chikar holds a unique place in terms of tourism.

It’s picturesque landscapes and captivating attractions make it a must-visit destination for travelers seeking an unforgettable experience. In this blog post, we will delve into the scenic wonders of Chikar and explore the potential for tourism development in Azad Kashmir.

Zalzal Lake

A Pristine Paradise One of the prime attractions in Chikar is Zalzal Lake. Nestled amidst majestic mountains, this enchanting lake mesmerizes visitors with its awe-inspiring beauty. A short distance of 2-3 kilometers from Chikar leads to this pristine paradise. The picturesque view of the mountains encircling the azure lake creates a heartwarming experience that lingers in the memory of every visitor.

Noon Bagla

A Haven of Natural Delights Situated just 10 km from Chikar Bazaar, Noon Bagla is a captivating village renowned for its natural beauty. The journey to Noon Bagla unfolds breathtaking landscapes and scenic wonders. Noon Bagla Top, accessible via a short trek from Noon Bagla Bazaar, offers panoramic views of Lippawali, Pandu, Ganga Choti, Zalzal Lake, and Kadli Chikar. The village is also known for its natural air-conditioning spots, where cool air perpetually emanates from the rocks. The surrounding Maidan and Dungian areas provide additional opportunities for exploration and camping, offering a surreal experience amid the mountains and forests.

Gangachoti (Kalma Joti)

A Serene Getaway Gangachoti, also known as Kalma Choti, is a serene tourist spot located at the confluence of Bagh District and Jhelum Valley District. The journey to Gangachoti presents breathtaking views of Kadli, Salmiya, Rawal Gully, and Sarbala, showcasing the natural splendor of the region. The majestic mountain of Gangachoti, towering over 10,000 feet, entices trekking enthusiasts.

Additionally, the region features the highest cricket ground in the region, an upcoming attraction for sports enthusiasts. Other notable places nearby include Fish Farm, Upper Dinah, and Sadhan Gali, each adding to the charm of the area.

Peace, Safety, and Hospitality

Chikar stands out as one of the most peaceful and secure areas in Azad Kashmir. Despite the prevailing challenges of terrorism in the country, Chikar has maintained an atmosphere of peace and order, ensuring the safety of both residents and tourists.

The commendable efforts of the Chikar administration and the local police, led by the Assistant Commissioner and SHO, have played a vital role in preserving the tranquility and security of the area. The warm and welcoming nature of the people of Chikar adds to the overall experience, making visitors feel at home in this idyllic location.

Potential for Tourism Development

While Chikar possesses immense natural beauty, it has unfortunately lagged behind in terms of tourism development due to the lack of attention from previous governments. However, with the present government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, led by Syed Zeeshan Haider, there is renewed hope for the promotion and enhancement of tourism in Chikar. Syed Zeeshan Haider, an advocate for Chikar’s tourism potential, has expressed a commitment to develop the area and unlock it.

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