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Electricity bills also contain taxes that have nothing to do with consumer consumption: Nepra

Optimum Capacity Plants Not Commissioned Despite Demand for Power in Country: Nepra’s State of the Industry Report Photo file

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has stated in the State of the Industry Report that electricity bills also contain surcharges that have nothing to do with the electricity consumption of the consumer.

Nepra’s State of Industry Report 2022 related to the power sector states that capacity payments increased by Rs 107 billion in one year and capacity payments of Rs 721 billion were made in 2021-22 as against Rs 614 billion in 2021.

According to the Nepra report, expensive power plants were operated due to the shortage of LNG in 2021-22. Due to the shortage of LNG, an additional burden of 19 billion 33 crore rupees was imposed on the consumers. gone.

The report says that 55 billion rupees was lost due to non-production of electricity from one unit of Guddu Power Plant. Six sugar mills have been asking for electricity from electricity companies for 2 years. Don’t buy.

The Nepra report says that there is a need to remove taxes and surcharges unrelated to electricity bills and restructure the billing system.

The report states that heavy taxes are levied through electricity bills, the federal government has imposed taxes and surcharges through electricity bills, there are also surcharges on electricity bills that are not related to the electricity consumption of the consumer, the system is flawed. The burden of performance is also borne by the public through surcharges.

The Nepra report has said that questions are being raised about the performance of the institutions related to the collection of TV fees including taxes, duties and surcharges through electricity bills, these institutions themselves are not able to collect taxes directly from the public.

The report said that in the constitution of Pakistan, electricity is the basic right of every citizen, but not every citizen has access to electricity.

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