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Dadyal murder case, planned in UK, SSP Mirpur Azad Kashmir


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Dadyal: (Azadi Times – News Desk) The links to the murder of Waqar Altaf, a lawyer from Dadyal Tehsil of Mirpur, are linked to his real brother living in the UK.

The police are further investigating the three accused involved in this case. On Monday, SSP Mirpur along with other police officers gave the details of the murder in a press conference.

He said that modern technology has been used to trace this anonymous and most difficult murder, three hired killers, including the leader of this group, Bilal Advocate, was arrested and the weapons, motorcycles, police uniforms, and cars were recovered, and the incident was planned from the UK.

Senior Superintendent of Police Mirpur Irfan Salim further said that on September 10, at 11:15 a.m., two unknown persons came in police uniform on a motorcycle with a bad number plate and entered his house in Bin Sain Dadyal. They escaped after being brutally killed by firing, case number 252/22 Bajraim 6 – APC-302 / 109 / 34, ATA police station Dadyal was registered.

The incident was so serious that there was panic in the area. The murder was an anonymous and the most difficult case to trace, and the most advanced methods of investigation were adopted to trace it, and due to the guidance of Allah’s Grace Center and the hard work of the police day and night, the anonymous murder case was traced within a few days, including the mastermind involved in the incident.

Three suspects have been arrested, including A. Bilal Ahmad Advocate Son of Liaqat Ali Qoum Jatt Resident of District Sheikhupura Presently Member of Bar Islamabad 2 Hameedullah Son of Saeed Allah Jan Qoum Khattak Resident of Karak Presently Chountar and Islamabad.

Hasan Ali Butt, son of Ashiq Ali Qoum Butt, resident of Gujrat, Golra Road, Islamabad, is included. During the investigation, two 9mm pistols, one Honda 125 motorcycle, two police uniforms and one Toyota Corolla car number 579-FS Islamabad were also recovered from the possession of the accused.

Event planning can be done from the UK. Earlier, there was a murderous attack on deceased Waqar Altaf on 22-04-19, in which the same accused shot him on the way from home to Dadyal in his car and seriously injured him, and managed to escape through Sahansa. A case was registered against him.

Before committing this act of murder, Mills Mann Duroz was secretly living in the house under construction adjacent to the residence of the deceased, which is owned by the real brother of the deceased, Asrar. During this time, the accused also killed the elder brother of the deceased, Abdul Ghaffar. but he had accidentally gone to the UK a few days ago. For these three incidents, in the Habib Bank account of the accused Bilal Ahmed Advocate, Rs. 13 lakhs, Rs. 8 lakhs.

Accused Bilal Ahmed bought two 9mm pistols and one Honda motorcycle 125 in his name to commit the murder. Before the murder incident, on 24th August 2022, Bilal Ahmed Advocate had taken these accused in the car along with him and came to Didyal and completed the planning of the victim’s house by Riki.

According to the incident program dated September 10, 2022, the accused Bilal Ahmed sent the accused Hameedullah to Dadial by giving him the Honda motorcycle used in the incident in the morning and he came to Dadial along with Hamza, Hasan Butt, and Umar Jat in his car.

The weapons used in the incident, two 9mm pistols and police uniforms, were secretly hidden in his car and brought to Didyal and on reaching Didyal, they sent the accused Hasan Butt and Hamza with a motorcycle, pistol, and police uniforms to carry out the incident.

During this time, the said Bilal Ahmed was wearing a black suit (pant coat) as a lawyer, and also kept files with him so that when needed, he could give the impression that he had come in connection with a case.

The accused Hasan Butt and Hamza went to a deserted place on the side of the dam and put on police uniforms after the killing, they returned to Thara Road and changed police uniforms in Bilal Ahmed’s car and hid the weapons, and all the accused escaped.

The accused had planned to kill the victim along with his wife Sahrish but they could not succeed in this. During the investigation, records of very important messages related to the planning of murders and attempted murders from British numbers have also been obtained from the mobile phone of the accused Bilal.

During the investigation, evidence has been found that the murder of the deceased took place due to a dispute over money and land with his real brother Asrar, who lives in Sheffield, UK, and who lives in Sikandar Joturki.

Further investigation is ongoing and important revelations are expected. The rest of the accused involved in this case will also be brought to justice soon.

To trace this important and anonymous murder case, Raja Azhar Iqbal Additional SP Mirpur, Nisar Ali DSP Dadyal, Zohaib Tahir SHO Thothal, Adnan Sabir SHO Dadyal, Amar Dar Sub-Inspector, and subordinate staff have worked day and night with me.

Police is the protector of life and property of the people who perform their duty day and night despite their resources.

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