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How to write an essay?

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eAs middle school, high school, or college students, everyone has to write essays not once, but many times, and even in professional life after the student period, they are writing essays in the form of ‘reports’ every day.

Many students find essay writing a difficult and time-consuming phase and some students are confused about the beginning and end of the essay.


Therefore, it is necessary to make this difficult and difficult stage easier, for this you do not need to have any special ability, but it is also necessary to have good study and observation and to have the desire to write together.

What is Essay Writing?

The word “Essay” is derived from the Latin word “Exagium”, which literally means to present a problem in general terms. In this context, the definition of essay writing will be something like this: “It is a short piece of writing that conveys information on a topic, ideas or events, as well as expresses the opinion of a writer”.

There are two types, conventional and non-conventional. Traditional essays are usually academic in nature or deal with serious topics, while non-traditional essays are based on personal and descriptive elements. Preparing the topic and content The first step in writing an essay is choosing a topic. Make sure that the topic you are going to write an essay on is excellent and interesting. In this regard, the opinion of teachers, friends, and senior writers can be obtained.


The next step is research, regarding which educational experts say that before writing on any topic, it is mandatory to read at least 10 existing articles on this topic. , so that you can mature your writing. Sources of content can be newspapers, magazines, research work, reports issued by various organizations or sources, and audio or videos on the Internet. Essay Format Essay writing is a creative process, but it has a specific format for writing it, i.e. a special basic structure is followed.

This basic structure consists of some basic principles and rules, keeping in mind the essays can be written on academic, literary, political, religious, serious, or humorous topics. Introduction to any essay. The first paragraph is where the writer connects with the reader by introducing the topic. This paragraph provides a brief and comprehensive description of the article. Always write the introductory paragraph of the essay with the thought that through it you are agreeing with the writer to read your writing. If reading this paragraph makes the reader interested in the topic, then he will definitely read your article to the end. But to write the first paragraph, take special care that the introduction should not exceed 4 to 6 lines.


Here are some creative tips for introductions.

* You can start your introductory paragraph with a famous quote or saying that matches your topic. *Sometimes you can start the article by defining the title.                                                                        *The body is a special part of your article, the importance of which can be taken as a sandwich example.

For example, the importance of the sandwich. The meat in between is c. This is a special section between the introductory and concluding paragraphs, the more concise, clear, and narrative it is presented, the more lively and excellent the essay will be. The text in the essay is not limited to a single paragraph but its breadth depends on the information and figures you have. Reasons should be presented in a proper, polite, and reasonable manner in the essay itself while taking care to ensure that all the information is relevant to the essay.

If an argument is forming part of your essay, it is also extremely important that the argument is substantiated or based on formal research. Usually, while writing the text, most of the writers are not able to explain the information properly, due to which the reader gets confused. Therefore, it is important to organize your ideas, information, and statistics in order to write a text. Conclusion The conclusion is the last paragraph of the essay, which summarizes the essay. Sometimes your concluding paragraph serves as a mirror for the introductory paragraph, answering all the questions raised in the introduction.


A conclusion can also be defin as the part of the essay where you end the essay by presenting your point of view with supporting arguments or solid reasons. When writing all conclusions, it is also important to have a specific link to explain the point you are making. Proofreading After writing the essay, the final step is to proofread it. Before the reader reads it, read it once for yourself. Carefully study the sentence structure, conjunctions, alphabets, and other things in the article. In the meantime, remove any clutter or inconsistency you find by editing and proofing. Some articles fail to convey their message properly to the reader due to proofing and editing errors, so it is important that you check your article for errors before publishing it.

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