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Heirs Of The Amacha Dynasty Who Ruled Shigar For 500 Years


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Shigar: Gilgit Baltistan’s beautiful Shigar Valley has been ruled by the Amacha Dynasty for more or less 500 years, in which the names of Amacha Ghaziri, Imam Quli Khan, and Ghazi Hyder Khan are among the heroes of Shigar history.

In the Fall of Baltistan by the Dogars in 1840-42 the power of the local kings ended but their rule in the hearts of the people also exists.

Even today, the family of Amacha has kept Balti history and poetry and Balti culture alive. Dr. Hasan Khan Amacha Ghazi Haider Khan Haider.

He is writing a book on the lost Amacha family of Sugar along with his life, art, and history with the editing of Kalam.


The total area of this region is 11 thousand square miles and according to the 2017 census, its population is 540 thousand. The Baltistan division has four districts (Skardu, Ganche, Shigar, and Kharmang).

Apart from the Skardu-Baltistan division, Skardu is also the headquarters of the Skardu district. Its borders are shared with the friendly country China and Indian occupied Kashmir.


This area was ruled by the Maharaja of Kashmir for more than 100 years. Before the creation of Pakistan, this area was a tehsil of the Ladakh district of the former princely state of Jammu & Kashmir.

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Leh was the headquarters for six months of summer and Skardu for six months of winter.

Talking to Azadi Times. Muhammad Hasan Khan of the Amacha family says that ‘If I tell you about my family, I am a doctor by profession and I am living a retired life. My family has been living in Shagar for the last 1200 years.’

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