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Baltit Fort | Karimabad | Hunza | Gilgit-Baltistan

Gilgit BaltistanBaltit Fort | Karimabad | Hunza | Gilgit-Baltistan

Baltit Fort, Karimabad, Hunza , Gilgit-Baltistan

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By Amara Khan

Baltit Fort is 7800 years old. The fort in the city of Hunza in Gilgit-Baltistan in the north of Pakistan is still a great example of beauty. More than 56 rooms and doors of the suspicious building are witnesses that it has seen the rise and fall of its time.

Not too old of course, 1945 is mentioned. At that time the ruler of Hunza was called Raja Mir. This fort was used by them. In 45 AD, the last Mir left this fort and moved to his palace.

The name Mir is also present in Hunza as an honorific. Well, when the last Mir gave this three-storied fort to the Government of Pakistan, she was unable to maintain it.

As a result, it was handed over to the Aga Khan Trust. He improved it for five to six crores and declared it as a historical heritage. Then formally handed it over to the Biltat Heritage Trust.

If you have any interest in history and culture, this is a great place. The fort can be reached by a few minutes walk from the famous Karimabad Bazaar of Hunza.

A jeep or a lift can get all three things. Return must be done on foot as Karimabad Bazaar is also ancient and worth visiting. It is different in that you will meet more English people than locals.

Due to this, the market has become far from the reach of us local people. Well, you can enjoy watching like us. Local costumes, traditional types of equipment especially Gilgiti hats and jewellery.

The way to the fort is very attractive. For a small fee, you can experience the atmosphere of yesteryear. His caretaker is also famous for his mustache. His morals are also excellent.

After taking the ticket, you will be accompanied by a guide who will explain the history of the fort. Unfortunately, we had a timing problem. Therefore, the guide was only available for a short time. At that time, I just took pictures and saw as much of the fort as I could.

Even today, the clothes of the Mirs and Queens of Hunza are kept safely in the Baltit fort. Apart from weapons, pictures of daily use items, utensils souvenirs, etc. Some musical instruments and the most fascinating thing, the entire kitchen equipment of the period is kept in order. It is still the same and usable today.

The fort of Biltat has very fine woodwork. Small doors, stairs leading to the basement, charming wooden windows, and a view of the Hunza. All this is surrounded by high mountains. It is known that the prisoners in this fort were sentenced to death by being thrown down.

Apart from this, the enemy will also think ten times before attacking the fort. Of course, this place was chosen carefully. What was surprising for us was that its structure is such that even an 8-magnitude earthquake cannot damage it much.

Although this fort is also on the mountain. But what did the people of the future know? Even after doing so much, he could not stay forever.

By the way, if you have some world news, you can have a glimpse of the Potala Fort in the Tibetan city of Lhasa in the construction of the magnificent fort. We find that the temperament of kings is almost the same everywhere.

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