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Awami Action Committees: The Ongoing Movement for Rights and Reforms in Azad Kashmir


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EDITORIAL: The current Awami Action Committee’s movement in Azad Kashmir has sparked widespread demands for crucial reforms, including the provision of free electricity, the restoration of subsidies on essential food items, the abolition of unjust privileges enjoyed by ruling authorities, and the establishment of a National Grade Station.

This movement has permeated every corner of Azad Kashmir, reaching every city, village, street, and neighborhood.

Notably, more than seventy percent of the population in Azad Kashmir has united in a complete boycott of electricity bills for the past two months, leading to a substantial financial crisis for the Azad Kashmir government, which heavily relies on this revenue.

Despite attempts by the Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir to engage in negotiations with the protestors, the stalemate continues. The resolute message from the demonstrators remains steadfast their demands must be met to prompt any meaningful discussion.

Central to their demands is the call for free electricity, prompted by the significant power generation in the region, which has failed to translate into tangible benefits for the people. Instead, the electricity generation has brought devastating repercussions for cities like Mirpur and Muzaffarabad, leading to the degradation of their environment and culture and adversely impacting the local populace.

The grievances of the movement extend beyond the scope of electricity concerns. The demonstrators highlight the urgency for effective resource management and the responsible allocation of public funds.

Specifically, they are demanding that the revenue generated from electricity sales be reinvested for the welfare and prosperity of the people. Additionally, there is a strong demand to reinstate subsidies on essential food items, ensuring that the basic necessities remain affordable and accessible to all segments of society.

The movement’s evolution and trajectory over the years owe much to the unwavering efforts of political workers, striving tirelessly to organize the community and rally support for their cause.

The collective participation of various political organizations, including the National Student Federation (NSF) and the Student Liberation Front (SLF), has played a vital role in mobilizing the masses and fostering a unified front.

However, the movement has also faced challenges from certain opportunistic individuals seeking to capitalize on the situation for their personal gains, disregarding the collective struggle of the people.

Such acts have only served to underscore the resilience and sacrifices of genuine participants dedicated to the movement’s genuine objectives.

The ongoing protests and demonstrations have underscored the collective consciousness of the people of Azad Kashmir, as citizens from diverse backgrounds and vocations have joined hands in solidarity to champion their fundamental rights.

Despite attempts by the authorities to suppress the Awami Action Committees’ movement, the people’s unwavering resolve remains unshaken, reflecting their unwavering commitment to their cause.

The Joint Awami Action Committee has emerged as the driving force behind the movement, with individuals from all segments of society actively participating in the ongoing struggle. Their endurance and perseverance stand as a testament to the power of collective action and the indomitable spirit of the people.

The movement for the rights of Azad Kashmir continues to gain momentum, fueled by the shared aspirations and determination of its citizens.

As the movement continues to gain momentum, there remains a steadfast hope for a more equitable and just society, with the people of Azad Kashmir united in their relentless pursuit of a brighter future for their homeland.

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