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BJP leader warns Hindus against low birth rate

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Karnataka BJP MLA representing the Udupi seat, Harish Poonja, has sparked controversy with his remarks suggesting that the Hindu population in India may be outnumbered by Muslims if Hindus continue having only one or two children.

Poonja made these statements during the Ayyappa Deepotsava Dharmika Sabha held at Peradi in Belthangady taluk on January 7.

Expressing concern, Poonja stated, “A few people think that the population of Hindus in India is 80 crores and Muslims are just 20 crores. But, you need to think in another direction. It is our belief that Muslims are lesser in numbers and they won’t do any harm. But Muslims are giving birth to four children each, and we (Hindus) mostly have one or two kids. If 20 crores Muslims give birth to four children each, their population would be 80 crores. Our population will come down to 20 crores.”

He continued, “Once the Muslim population touches 80 crores and the number of Hindus depletes, can you imagine the plight of Hindus in the country?You must sit at home and think about the plight of Hindus if Muslims become a majority in this country,” urging people to contemplate the potential consequences of such demographic shifts.

(Except for the headline, this story has not been edited by Azadi Times staff and is published from a syndicated feed.)

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