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Boniyar accident: Death toll climbs to 10

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The death toll resulting from a road accident in Baramulla’s Uri on Wednesday has ascended to 10, with the recent passing of two more individuals who sustained injuries during the incident.

The confirmation of this somber development was conveyed by Dr. Ruby, the Principal of GMC Baramulla, who noted that the two injured persons succumbed to their injuries late last night.

The tragic episode unfolded in the Boniyar area of North Kashmir, where a sumo vehicle veered off the road, tumbling into a deep gorge.

This unfortunate event claimed the lives of nine individuals on Wednesday, and an additional six people suffered injuries.

The victims of the Boniyar road accident have been identified as Tahira (wife of Reyaz Ahmad), Amina (daughter of Abdul Gani), Mohd Maqbool Sheikh (son of Ahmad Sheikh), Abdul Rehman (son of Fateh), Maqsood Ahmad (son of Gh. Rasool), Sarwa (wife of Gh. Mohd Bakshi), Sameena (wife of Ab. Hamid Sheikh), and Ab Razak (son of Ab Rehman).

As the community grapples with this heart-wrenching incident, the impact of the tragedy is deeply felt, emphasizing the need for enhanced road safety measures and awareness to prevent such devastating accidents in the future.

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