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Schools in Anantnag warned against conducting tuitions during winter break

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Amidst the winter break, a concerning trend has emerged among certain private schools and coaching centers.

Despite the holiday period, these institutions have been persisting with tuition classes, pressuring students to attend and disregarding the mandated break, as per the education department officals’s order accessed by The Kashmiriyat.

Taking note of this issue, authorities have intervened swiftly and the directed the  officials to issie strict instructions to cease these activities immediately.

It has been emphasized that conducting classes during the designated break period goes against established regulations and must be stopped.

In addition to directing the school and coaching center management, steps have been taken to intensify monitoring measures.

Zonal-level monitoring committees, which are already in place for oversight purposes, have been given explicit instructions to maintain a vigilant watch over any violations.

Their role involves not only observation but also prompt reporting of any instances of non-compliance to the relevant authorities.

This intervention aims to uphold the sanctity of scheduled breaks and ensure that students are granted the necessary respite during these designated periods.

Authorities are resolute in their stance against any disregard for these regulations and remain committed to enforcing compliance among educational institutions.

(Except for the headline, this story has not been edited by Azadi Times staff and is published from a syndicated feed.)

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