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Epaper 24-11-2022

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Chairman appointed in PDA for the third time in a year

Muzaffarabad (Dharti News) The government of Azad Kashmir has appointed the chairman of Pearl Development Authority (PDA) for the third time in the last one year. According to the notification, a party worker belonging to Ali Sujal will be issued this week. Aamir Jameel has been appointed as the chairman of the organization again. After the PTI government came to power in Azad Kashmir, former Prime Minister Abdul Qayyum Niazi appointed Sardar Arshad Niazi as the new chairman of the organization, but his appointment was rejected by Azad Kashmir High. was challenged in the court. The High Court stopped them from working but later the Supreme Court reinstated them and directed the High Court to hear them again. Later, the employees left work in favor of their demands. after which Sardar Arshad Niazi resigned from his post, the new Prime Minister Tanveer Ilyas appointed a young man named Amir Jameel as the new chairman of the organization as soon as his resignation was accepted. A writ petition was filed that his appointment was also not done according to the rules Announcing the appointment as null and void, he directed the government to make the roles of the development institutions established in the rest of the districts of Azad Kashmir, including PDA, the same and to appoint high-ranking officials, including the chairman, according to the rules and regulations set by the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Now once again the government has appointed the same person as the chairman on the basis of the contract, which the court said that his appointment was wrong. According to the sources, the government has not made new rules yet. But the notification has been issued by the new principal secretary taking advantage of the legal loophole. It is thought that this notification will also be challenged in the court.

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