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Election Commision AJK Issues code of conduct for political parties, candidates, polling agents and supporters

NationalElection Commision AJK Issues code of conduct for political parties, candidates, polling agents and supporters

Muzaffarabad (Azadi Times) Azad Jammu and Kashmir Election Commission AJK has issued a code of conduct for political parties, candidates, election agents, polling agents and candidates’ supporters for the polling day in connection with local government elections. Azadi Times Reported..,,

According to the notification issued by the Secretary Election Commission AJK, there will be a complete ban on carrying or displaying any kind of firearms at the polling station on the polling day.

This restrictions will remain in force till 24 hours after the final results are obtained by the Returning Officer and all official rules in this regard will be strictly followed.

No firing of any kind, including aerial firing, use of firecrackers or other inflammable materials shall be permitted by any person in or near the polling station.

No person shall tamper with the polling materials such as ballot papers, ballot boxes, materials and other items provided for polling at the polling station.

Strict legal action will be taken against the person doing so. Any person who tries to damage or steal ballot papers or ballot box will be subject to legal action as well as disqualification of the candidate he is supporting.

Every person shall fully cooperate with the polling staff present at the polling station and shall take full care of the self-respect of the presiding officers and other election staff posted at the polling station.

Shall not misbehave with the Presiding Officers or election staff, or interfere in any manner in the performance of their duties.

Any person who causes any kind of fight inside the polling station will be immediately removed from the polling station by the presiding officer and on resistance, legal action will be taken not only against him but also against the candidate.

He will also be disqualified whom he supports. Persuading voters to vote, soliciting voters to vote or not and campaigning for a particular candidate will be strictly prohibited within 400 meters of the polling station on polling day.

Under no circumstances will it be allowed to set up any kind of camp office within this premises.

No person other than voters, candidates or authorized election/polling agents shall be allowed to enter the polling station without valid permit issued by the Election Commission, District Returning Officer or the concerned Returning Officer.

All candidates will take effective measures to discipline their supporters. According to the notification, in case of violation of the code of conduct, if reported by the Presiding Officers, Coordination and Peace Committee, District Magistrate, Duty Magistrate, Monitoring Team, District Returning Officer or Returning Officer, not only legal action against the said violator.

Disqualification action will be taken against such report under section 106 sub-section (5) by the supporter of the candidate, and the candidate or his supporter. Any such violation may be disqualified after further legal action.

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