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A few important items for the attention of Azad Kashmir Sahibzada Hafiz Hamid Raza


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Some important items for the attention of Azad Kashmir Sahibzada Hafiz Hamid Raza, Adviser on Endowments and Religious AffairsBy: Syed Muhammad Ishaq Naqvi
Peace be upon you and peace be upon you, good mood, good tomorrow
You are the adviser of the Awqaf and Religious Affairs Department of the independent state of Jammu and Kashmir. He is also a hafiz of the Quran and a religious scholar, the famous intellectual and spiritual figure Sheikh Al-Hadith is the successor of Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Alam Naqshbandi and he is also the patron of the two-door Hanafia Jamia Sialkot (Jamia Al-Alam) founded by him.


While paying attention, positive changes have to be made for the reformation of the endowment and religious affairs department.
(1) Boards should be displayed at all the shrines under the custody of the Awqaf Department of Azad Kashmir, on which instructions should be written for pilgrims in the light of Shariat Mutahara for the manners of pilgrimage, salam devotion and Fatiha Khwani.

(2) It is observed that the pilgrims at the shrines/graves of religious elders put their full weight on their hands and kiss them, their faces meet, and their foreheads touch the graves while kissing. They repeat the same practice which is definitely against Sharia, so a steel grill at least five feet high should be installed on all shrines/graves of religious elders so that the owners of the shrines are safe from the torment of the pilgrims and the pilgrims are also protected from the practice against Sharia.

(3) The printing of Qur’anic verses and surah hi Mubaraka on the sheets offered at shrines should be prohibited by regular legislation. Allah Ta’ala purified the heart of his beloved Prophet ﷺ for teaching and learning, teaching and teaching, thinking and thinking and acting. But it was revealed that it was not sent down to be printed on the sheets of the shrines, it is an insult to the Qur’an to do this continuously.

Simple sheets should be used for the shrines, rather garlands of fresh flowers and leaves should be more appropriate. It has also been observed that the shrines There are small shops on the premises, from there pilgrims buy printed sheets of Quranic verses and put them on the shrines, then the same sheets are picked up by the Awqaf and sold to the same shopkeepers at a high price.

Sheets with Quranic verses should be collected and handed over to the people of Madinah Foundation, where martyrs, who cannot recite the Quran are collected and taken to protected places, these sheets should also reach there.
(4) The builders of marble/marble graves should also be warned through a notification that they should refrain from engraving Ayat al-Kursi, Surah Ikhlas, and Quranic verses on the slates/strips of the graves.

(5) Observance of the principles of Sharia should be ensured at the shrines where wedding ceremonies are held under the auspices of the Awqaf Department.

(6) The shrine of Hazrat Baba Syed Sain Suheili Sarkar is located in the center of Muzaffarabad, the capital of Azad Kashmir. From this shrine, the Awqaf Department of Azad Kashmir receives a lot of money every month, keeping all the interests above all else. It is necessary, Jami Masjid Sharif and Mazar Sharif are facing each other, the courtyard/venue is shared here, so all the activities that come in the game should be prohibited so that the sanctity of the Mosque and the Mazar is not harmed. They are prohibited by Sharia on the occasion of religious weddings.
(7) In the name of culture and entertainment, if the government wants to continue the series of games, then there are grounds/stadiums, etc.
(8) Mr. Wala. You must have courage, develop sincere determination, and start performing your official duties, you will get the full and sincere support of all the scholars of Azad Kashmir, the Islamic Ideological Council, scholars and Sheikhs, and civil society, Raqim (Syed Muhammad Ishaq Naqvi) in the second episode He will give you good, healthy and practical suggestions in these respects, God willing.

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