Monday, September 26, 2022

All Party Coalition announces march towards grid station for load shedding free zone

Rawalakot: (Azadi Times) A new coalition of political and religious parties and trade unions with different ideologies has been formed in Rawalakot:

Azadi Times: Grand Alliance Jammu Kashmir (Pakistan-administered) has been given a deadline of 17th July. If Azad Kashmir is not declared a load shedding free zone by 17th July and unnecessary taxes are not removed from electricity bills, then we will march towards the grade station on 20th July. 

He was accompanied by representatives of all political parties, including the ruling party’s TI, including nationalist and religious parties, at the press conference. 

A joint statement was issued at the press conference that additional privileges should be withdrawn from all the privileged including Lent officers and judges. Facilitate the poor and downtrodden. 

The alliance also demanded that Punjab-style free power units be provided. People’s tax money should be spent on the people.

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