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NewsAtrocities against Muslims in India testify to two-nation ideology

Atrocities against Muslims in India testify to two-nation ideology



(Azadi Times – Editorial) Atrocities against Muslims in India testify to the two-nation ideology

Written by: Saeed ur Rahman Siddiqui

Hindus and Muslims make up the majority (94 percent) of India’s 1.2 billion population, while Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, and Jains make up 6 percent of India’s population. Data from India’s biennial census and National Health Survey were examined, showing that the religious proportions of the country had changed.


75 years later, 1947 came back again, the same riots, the same massacre of Muslims, there have never been such riots in Pakistan after 1947 in which What is the massacre of Hindus like this? Muslims have killed Muslims and bombed them, but they have not waved green flags on temples like this.

This is the difference between the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the Hindu fanatic country of India. The situation of Muslims in India is almost the same as that of Muslims in Occupied Kashmir. However, Muslims are in majority in Occupied Kashmir as compared to Hindus. But India has forbidden Muslims to live there too, which is hidden from the eyes of the world. Unprovoked attacks on Muslims by Hindu rioters have become ‘normal’ in India and there is no condemnation from the government.

Some time ago a sad video went viral in which a scared Muslim girl was clinging to her father who was being tortured by Hindu extremists. In this very painful scene, a 45-year-old rickshaw puller could be seen. The driver was being tortured on the streets in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh and his little daughter was crying out to save her father from the extremist Hindus. Long live the Hindu extremist rickshaw driver, J. They were forcing to shout slogans of Shri Ram and Jai Ram. Jaishree Ram has been used by Hindu extremists to kill Muslims.


A video has surfaced of a Muslim bangle seller being punched, punched and kicked by a mob of Hindus in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. The assailants were threatening the person named Taslim Ali to stay away from the Hindu population. In his application filed with the police, Taslim Ali said that he was tortured by five or six people for selling bangles in the Hindu area. targeted, hurled insults full of religious hatred, and took away his phone, money, and personal identification documents. But surprisingly, Taslim Ali was arrested the next day when one of his attackers, a thirteen-year-old girl accused Taslim Ali of raping her. Taslim Ali’s family and neighbors have strongly denied the allegation. He says that the father of five children cannot even think of doing such an act.


Apart from these two incidents of torturing Muslims in the market, there have been many other such incidents. This passage has been heavy on Gujarat’s Muslim minority, numbering over 20 crores, during the tenure of butcher Narendra Modi. Similar attacks have been taking place in recent months, with many in the news. A 14-year-old Muslim boy who went to a Hindu temple to drink water was brutally beaten. A Muslim fruit seller in the Indian capital Delhi was tortured for selling fruit in a Hindu area. There are incidents that Hindus used to do to the Muslims of India before the creation of Pakistan, on which the Quaid-i-Azam started a movement for the establishment of Pakistan. The so-called United Nations is silent on Indian atrocities. The issue of Kashmir has been demanding the attention of the United Nations for a long time and the existing resolutions in this regard are provoking the United Nations.


Some time ago, in the Indian state of Karnataka, Hindus went to extremes of indifference. Karnataka is ruled by BJP. A few months ago, there was a hateful campaign against the hijab and the covering of Muslim women. Under the auspices of the BJP government, Hindu goons have taken the lives of veiled Muslim girls studying in educational institutions, rather it would be more appropriate to say that Hindu extremists have crossed all boundaries in Occupied Kashmir as well as in India. These shameless and senseless thugs of RSS are doing all this with the blessings of Modi government, they have made it impossible for Muslim women and students to leave their homes. A similar incident happened to a Muslim student Maskan Khan in Karnataka’s Mandya a few months ago when she was surrounded by Hindu fanatics of PES College when she reached her college. The saffron miscreant Hindu students rushed towards him and attacked Maskan, chanting Jaishree Ram.


In response to their slogans, Maskan Khan set an example of courage and bravery and this veiled Muslim girl gave a strong message of Islamic identity in India by chanting Allahu Akbar. A ban has been imposed. In fact, Hinduism is a tyranny in India, and the world’s largest religion, Islam, is not ready to recognize the basic human and religious rights of Muslims. When this is the case with the second largest population in India, what will happen to the Sikh and Christian minorities? It is also the duty of Muslim countries to give priority to religion over business and raise a united voice against Indian cruelty and brutality against Kashmiri and Indian Muslims.

According to the 2022 census, the population of Muslims in India was more than 389 million. The population is the third largest Muslim population in the world after Indonesia and Pakistan. And largest Muslim minority population in the world, Uttar Pradesh has the largest population of Muslims (about 4.38 million). They are proving the truth of their sincere thoughts every moment.


In 1916, based on his insights and experiences, the principle that he was creating fresh enthusiasm in the hearts of the people of the sub-continent, is coming out today as a more concrete reality after a century. Quaid-e-Azam had addressed the annual meeting of the Muslim League in Lucknow on December 31, 1916. “The main principle of the Muslim League was to maintain the separate nationality of the Hindu Muslims.” The long struggle of the Muslim League under the leadership of Quaid-e-Azam has gradually laid the foundations and principles of the two-nation ideology and now India.


The narrow-minded leadership is proving the universality and authenticity of the Quaid-i-Azam’s thoughts. This narrow-mindedness and narrow-mindedness are not unique to India’s current extremist Hindu leadership. Secular Congress also had similar views against Muslims. Even Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, was not ready to recognize the separate independent status of Muslims.
The two-nation theory is a historical fact. Which got geographical existence in 1947. In 1971, another Muslim state was established again. Although they came into existence out of anger with Pakistan, they remained a separate nation compared to Hindus.


This was demonstrated in the protests of March 26, 2021. When the whole of Bangladesh rose up against Modi on the invitation of a Muslim group. As more years pass, history will continue to make it clear to the world that the two-nation theory is a reality in South Asia and Muslims here can protect their religious rituals in separate states and be independent economically can stay and as long as India’s usurpation of Kashmir continues, geography will continue to bear witness to the fact that Hindus and Muslims are two separate nations in the subcontinent.

And it has become impossible for Muslims to live in India, this is the reason that now the Muslims of India are openly convinced of the truth of the two-nation theory and the thinking of Quaid-i-Azam Rahmatullah. It has been said that now Muslims have only two options either to change their religion or to fight for an Islamic country to keep their identity alive which can also be called another Pakistan.


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