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Press Foundation Azad Jammu Kashmir Initiates Computerization Process


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Muzaffarabad (Azadi Times News – AJK, November 14, 2023) — The Press Foundation Azad Jammu Kashmir has embarked on the process of computerizing records, aiming to streamline the data of all its members.

The foundation has urged its members to submit details, including contact letters, publications, published materials, notable works, awards, etc., to the Press Foundation Secretary by November 20 for comprehensive computerization.

According to a press release issued by the Press Foundation Secretariat, the computerization is being undertaken to align the foundation with the present-day requirements. Members are required to compile information related to their affiliations with institutions, published news, published packages, exclusive live coverage, along with recent images.

Members are also encouraged to provide detailed information about their journalistic achievements, breaking news coverage, awards received, and national and international representation for inclusion in their profile records.

The documents received by November 20 will undergo thorough scrutiny. Computerized members will be treated separately from other members gradually to streamline foundation operations.

This initiative is seen as a step towards modernization and efficient management of the Press Foundation’s records, ensuring that the organization remains aligned with contemporary demands. The computerization process is expected to enhance accessibility and improve the overall efficiency of the foundation’s operations.

It is noteworthy that the Press Foundation plays a crucial role in promoting journalism and facilitating media professionals in Azad Jammu and Kashmir. The move towards computerization reflects a commitment to embracing technological advancements for the betterment of the organization and its members.

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