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Barack Obama shares key teaching he has told his daughter about ‘hard work’

NewsBarack Obama shares key teaching he has told his daughter about 'hard work'
Barack Obama shares key teaching he has told his daughter about hard work

Former US President Barack Obama is touching upon a key piece of advice he always gives his children.

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Obama, who is all set to share his life in the Netflix docuseries, Working: What We Do All Day alongside wife Michelle Obama, is talking about the instilling the importance of hard work in his daughter Sasha and Malia Obama.

Now in a conversation with PEOPLE, the former POTUS says : “I’ve always said — and Michelle and I said to our kids — ‘You need to have at least one service job coming up where you’re just dealing with every walk of life.'”

“If nothing else, it will make you (a) appreciate how hard those jobs are and (b) treat people well when you’re a customer. Don’t be that person, you know, who’s being a jerk to someone who’s been on their feet all day trying to get stuff for you,” Obama notes.

Speaking about the dilemma of this generation, Obama says: “I think this generation recognizes that part of the trick of having a good career and a good life is having some control over what you’re doing and having some sense of purpose and meaning in work.”

He adds: “If you’re spending half your day or more on something, you should feel good about what you’re accomplishing. I think what you’re getting at, though, is also correct, which is — I am a believer in paying your dues.”

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