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By-Election in Azad Kashmir’s LA-15 District Bagh: Mushtaq Minhas of PML-N Leading in Final Stages of Campaign

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Muzaffarabad, June 6 (Azadi Times) The by-election campaign for the seat vacated due to the disqualification of former Prime Minister Tanveer Ilyas in district LA-15 of Bagh district has entered the final stages.

After the final alignment and large rallies, the candidates of Muslim League-N Mushtaq Minhas are leading. Until a week ago, the position of PPP candidate Zia Qamar was stable, which is not visible anymore.

In the by-election to be held on June 8, apart from the three major parties, around a dozen candidates including regional parties and independent candidates are in the fray. According to the statistics of the Azad Kashmir Election Commission, there are one hundred and forty-six thousand registered voters in this constituency.

According to a survey, the real contest is between Muslim League-N candidate Mushtaq Minhas and PPP’s Zia Qamar, while Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s candidate Colonel R. Zameer is not in the race. After Muslim Conference candidate Zulfiqar Advocate and Jamaat-e-Islami supported independent candidate Nisar Shaikh withdrew in favor of Muslim League candidate Mushtaq Minhas, the position of Mushtaq Minhas has become a little stronger.

Initially, Sardar Qamar-ul-Zaman’s attempt to improve the position of the candidate of the People’s Party by bringing together all the Maldial community also strengthened the impression of making a liberal party like the People’s Party a party of the community.

However, by the time election day approached, his reaction prompted all other communities to come together. This process also dealt a blow to the reputation of a big party like the People’s Party.

Apparently, Mushtaq Minhas campaigned slowly, but at the moment he is the only candidate who got votes at all the polling stations on the ground, who received votes from all communities and tribes without distinction.

He is meeting and acceptable to all communities. Chairman of People’s Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and Senior Vice President of Muslim League-N Maryam Nawaz Sharif also addressed large public gatherings in Bagh, due to which the by-election of this constituency has become more interesting. The staff mission has been implemented and polling will be held on June 8.

Who are the main contenders?

The main contenders in the by-election are:

  • Mushtaq Minhas of Muslim League-N
  • Zia Qamar of PPP
  • Colonel R. Zameer of PTI

What is the likely outcome of the by-election?

It is difficult to say who will win the by-election. However, Mushtaq Minhas of Muslim League-N is leading in the final stages of the campaign.

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