Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Chinari: former PTI president leader joins PMLN Azad Kashmir


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CHINARI: A severe blow to PTI president Chinari, Raja Muhammad Salim Khan joined Muslim League-N along with his colleagues, announced the full support of Muslim League candidates in the coming local body elections, on Sunday, the leader of PTI Sadak Chinari, former candidate of District Council Raja Muhammad Salim Khan, Raja Aslam along with dozens of other colleagues joined the Muslim League-N.


On this occasion, the leaders of the Muslim League-N, Mirza Asif Mughal, Mir Khalid Latif, candidate for District Council Sadak Chinari, Raja Muhammad Azim Zahid Advocate, candidate local member Sadak Chinari. Raja Zafar Akram and others were also present.


Muslim League leaders welcomed the new entrants and said that God willing, their rights will be protected at every forum. He has expressed full confidence in Haider Khan’s leadership and PTI may have to suffer a lot of political losses due to his involvement.

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