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Departmental review meeting chaired by Information Secretary, important meeting


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Muzaffarabad (PID) A departmental review meeting was held at the Information Secretariat of Azad Kashmir under the chairmanship of Information Secretary Ansar Yaqub. In the meeting, a detailed review of measures regarding the execution of Prime Minister’s orders, progress of development schemes, pending bills of advertisements, responsibilities of officers and staff of Information Department, details of annual activities, complaints on citizen portal, seniority list and ACR’s. was taken Director General Information Raja Azhar Iqbal, Director Information Raja Amjad Hussain Minhas, Muhammad Bashir Mirza, Deputy Secretary Information Sardar Imran Saleem, Administration Officer Chaudhry Muhammad Khurshid and Supervisor Raja Bilal Khan were present in the meeting. Information Officers Raja Mohammad Sohail Khan, Qaratul Ain Shabbir and Syed Asif Hussain Naqvi gave a detailed briefing to the Information Secretary on the progress, problems faced and future action plans of their respective departments. Speaking on this occasion, Information Secretary Yaqub said that the orders should be ensured with reference to the Information Department of Prime Minister Azad Kashmir so that their timely implementation is possible. All departments responsible for outstanding advertisement bills should be directed to ensure timely payment. The details of the responsibilities of the officers of the information department and their job description should be provided to the information secretariat and the performance of the information officers should be harmonized with Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. ACR’s of officers and staff should be completed on time and seniority list matters should also be rectified. He said that while finalizing the arrangements for Kashmir Solidarity Day on February 5, full media coverage of this program should be ensured. The Information Department is the face of the government. It will align with the modern requirements of the media so that the department can cope with the modern requirements and challenges of print, electronic and social media. Information Secretary said to ensure the timely completion of the development scheme so that the government publicity can be further improved while strengthening the department.

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