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G-20 countries to boycott meeting in Srinagar says Devendra Singh


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Jammu: May 13 (Azadi Times) Leader of All-Party Hurriyat Conference and Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Social Peace Forum in Jammu and Kashmir illegally occupied by India, Advocate Devinder Singh Bahl has said that India has violated international laws by holding a meeting of the Group of 20 in occupied Kashmir.


Devendra Singh said in a statement issued in Jammu that Jammu and Kashmir is an internationally recognized disputed region and the settlement of the Kashmir issue is yet to be resolved.

In violation of international laws, the special status of Jammu and Kashmir has been ruined and now India is going to hold the Group of 20 meeting in the region to continue its usurpation and throw dust in the eyes of the international community.


He said that the freedom-loving Kashmiri people are well aware of India’s insidious tactics and will thwart its nefarious intentions. Devendra Singh Bahl appealed to the Group of 20 countries to boycott the meeting in the disputed region of Jammu and Kashmir.


He appealed to the Kashmiris to go on a complete strike on May 22 against the said meeting and once again convince the international community that they reject the usurpation of India.


The leader of the All Party Hurriyat Conference said that the Kashmiri people will continue their struggle until the resolution of the Kashmir issue according to the resolutions of the United Nations and their wishes.

While talking to Srinagar, he severely criticized the Indian initiative of the Group 20 meeting and said that India is seriously violating all the human and democratic rights of Kashmiris in response to the demand for self-determination.


He said that human rights are being severely violated in the occupied area for the last several decades, while after August 5, 2019, India has turned the occupied area into a big prison.

Mir Shahid Saleem said that lands and jobs are being taken away from Kashmiris and given to Indians.


He said that the Group of 20 countries should not only boycott the meeting of the forum in the disputed region of Jammu and Kashmir but also hold India accountable for serious crimes against humanity in the occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

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