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Gand robbery in Chinari Main Market – Report

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Hattian Bala (Azadi Times Newspaper – JKA) After stealing a motorcycle a few yards away from the Chinari police station, a group of unknown thieves committed a major theft in Chinari Main market, breaking into five groceries, cosmetic and mobile shops and robbing the poor shopkeepers in the dark loss worth lakhs of rupees.


According to the details, after stealing the motorcycle of Abdul Ghafoor, son of Ghulam Rabbani, a resident of Jaskol, who was standing on the bridge a few yards away from Chinari police station, a group of unknown thieves took advantage of the darkness and severe cold between Monday and Tuesday night.

Sadiq Akbar, son of Muhammad Akbar, resident of Sadak Karina, Muhammad Maruf, son of Muzaffar Khan, resident of Amra Sawan, resident of Amra Sawan, Mahmood Ahmed, son of Muhammad Ishaq, resident of Banyan, Muhammad Afzal, son of Shoaib, resident of Gujar Bandi, resident of Gujar Bandi, and Shakil son of Ghulam Khan, resident of Gujar Bandi.
Millions of rupees in cash and valuable goods worth millions of rupees were stolen from them after breaking into the shops of the poor shopkeepers.
To say that of the new year As soon as it started, various incidents are coming up in different areas of the Jhelum Valley district day by day.
IG Azad Kashmir taking notice of other incidents including thefts in Jhelum Valley and especially in Chinari and its surroundings, mobilize the police throughout Jhelum Valley day and night police. Patrolling should be ensured so that poor people can avoid hanging, if the police force is not vigilant, people will continue to hang daily and thieves will have a free pass. Thieves have stolen several motorcycles and caused damage worth lakhs of rupees to poor people.
The police have not been able to recover the motorcycles that were stolen last year, nor have they been able to arrest the thieves. Steps should be taken to ensure the safety of people’s life and property by immediately arresting the thieves who steal motorcycles and loot shops and bringing them under the law, otherwise people will be forced to protest. ..

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