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Gilgit Baltistan: Kharmang Valley Witnesses a New Era of Development and Progress

Gilgit BaltistanGilgit Baltistan: Kharmang Valley Witnesses a New Era of Development and Progress

Kharmang Valley, Gilgit Baltistan – The tranquil town of Khurramang is set to embark on a transformative journey of development and progress, as announced by Gilgit Baltistan’s Senior Minister for Planning and Development, Amjad Zaidi.

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In a recent address, Zaidi highlighted a series of groundbreaking initiatives that signify a significant leap forward for the region. With an ambitious investment exceeding a billion rupees, the government has laid the groundwork for a multitude of innovative projects aimed at bolstering Kharmang’s infrastructure and education sector.

One of the key focal points of this transformative endeavor is the implementation of several reinforced concrete cement (RCC) bridges, including the eagerly anticipated Indus River bridge project in Pari, pending administrative approval and a budget allocation of 440 million PKR.

Beyond the realm of connectivity, the administration has made commendable strides in ensuring adequate water supply, with 22 water supply schemes nearing completion and an additional three schemes awaiting the tendering process.

The road to progress is also well-paved, with more than half of the 30 ongoing road projects making significant headway, while the remainder is in the crucial tendering phase. Notably, nine dedicated road expansion and maintenance projects have already begun, promising improved connectivity and smoother transportation for the region.

A significant milestone in the trajectory of Kharmang’s progress is the inauguration of the region’s first Women’s Degree College in Baltistan, a testament to the government’s commitment to empowering women through education.

Addressing the shortage of educators, the authorities have pledged to appoint close to 1,000 educational professionals, underscoring their dedication to fostering a nurturing learning environment for the youth.

As the sun sets on the horizon, the people of Kharmang stand poised at the threshold of a promising future, one that resonates with the echoes of development and prosperity, all under the visionary leadership of the government and the unwavering commitment of the community.

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