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Gilgit: Heirs protest for release of 13 prisoners convicted by Pakistani military court


Gilgit: A protest sit-in was organized by civil society and religious organizations in Gilgit (Pakistan-administered Kashmir Gilgit Baltistan) city today for the release of 13 prisoners who were sentenced to life imprisonment and other sentences by a Pakistani military court in Rawalpindi:

Azadi Times: Protests and sit-ins were also held in other districts besides Gilgit (Pakistan-administered Kashmir) on Friday demanding release of the captives. Ali, Yasoob Din, Mujahid Ali, Akhtar Hussain, Muhammad Abbas, Mumtaz Ali, Zahid Ali, Bilal Hussain are demanding their release. 

In October 2005, Pakistan Rangers charged batons at a school student protest, which led to riots and hours of gunfire that killed seven civilians, including two Rangers personnel and two women, and injured several others. He said that a Shiite mosque was also demolished after the incident and 14 innocent people were detained without investigation and a case was filed against them in the anti-terrorism court. 

Had nothing to do with the incident and the shooting, which is why the anti-terrorism court granted his bail application. However, in 2015, when military courts were established in Pakistan under the 21st Amendment, their jurisdiction was extended to Gilgit-Baltistan. The 2005 case was transferred from Gilgit to a military court in Rawalpindi. He said that the 14 people arrested earlier in the case had gone missing for six months, after which they were produced in Gilgit Jail. 

After several days of efforts, when the heirs managed to meet him, it was learned that he had been tried in a military court in Rawalpindi and some had been sentenced to death, some to life imprisonment and others to 25 years in prison. He said that 13 prisoners are still in jail and the appeal against the sentences given to them is being heard in the Gilgit High Court for several months. Is postponed. One of the captives, Ali Rahmat, died of a heart attack while in custody. 

Two more prisoners are undergoing treatment due to ill health, but justice is not being served. Provisions have been added. The FIR registered by Major Naveed Iqbal Task Force Rangers Gilgit states that school students were protesting on the morning of October 13. Twenty Rangers arrived to help the police. After the talks, the procession chanted slogans against the Rangers and at the same time Rangers young Lance Naik Muhammad Hayat was fired upon from a nearby neighborhood, as a result of which he was injured. At the same time, indiscriminate firing started on Rangers from other quarters. Mosques were appealed for help in attacking the Rangers. Soldiers Muhammad Ali and Abdul Hameed were killed and five others were injured in the firing. 

According to the FIR, some ‘terrorists’ were also killed, some were injured and two or three women were also injured and killed in the exchange of fire. There was an armed clash between them. Firing continued throughout the day, killing 7 civilians including 2 women while two Rangers personnel were also killed. The 14 people were arrested on the charge of firing. They have been convicted by a military court. However, their trial is going on in the Gilgit High Court, but delaying tactics are being adopted, which is why this protest should be held. Young journalist Faheem Akhtar says that the family members are complaining that there is no hearing in the local courts. Their position is that the accused are innocent and their lives have been ruined. 

He said that the families of these prisoners have also taken this path for the release of their captives after the release of political prisoners after long protests after long sentences. Amjad Chingizi said that they Protests were also held in August and September last year, after which civil and military officials negotiated and assured that the prisoners would be released. However, no such action has been taken so far. Now we will extend the scope of this protest to the whole of Gilgit-Baltistan. Until the prisoners are released, this protest will continue. Local journalist Tanveer Ahmed said that these 13 prisoners were also allegedly involved in other cases Are involved. He had been out on bail since his arrest in the 2005 incident, while it is said that he was also charged in the 2012-13 sectarian riots. However, this is the only FIR that has come to light so far, in which he has been sentenced and the trial is still going on in the High Court. 

Local political leader and lawyer Ehsan Ali Advocate said in a video statement released on social media. The sentences handed down to the prisoners have been declared completely illegal and unconstitutional. He said that Gilgit-Baltistan was not included in the jurisdiction of the military division of Rawalpindi division. People have been abducted from Gilgit and sentences have been handed down in a Rawalpindi court. He said that this case is also bogus and fake and the sentences are also oppressive and illegal. Therefore, the prisoners should be released immediately and the baseless case should be dropped.

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