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Government is giving 60% subsidy on flour, Prime Minister

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Muzaffarabad (PID) Prime Minister Azad Jammu and Kashmir Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan presided over the cabinet meeting, flour subsidy, assistance to the poor living on the working boundary, Azad Jammu and Kashmir Election Amendment Bill, Azad Jammu and Kashmir Flood Plan Regulation Act. , approvals have been issued after discussion on several agenda items, including amendments to the Local Government Act, according to details, Azad Kashmir Cabinet meeting was held yesterday at the Prime Minister’s Secretariat. All the cabinet members participated in the meeting. In the meeting, the Prime Minister gave orders to solve the problems of flour crisis on a priority basis in view of the public difficulties. Decided to maintain the subsidy for the supply of flour, contrary to the current food policy, the government is giving more than 60% subsidy on government flour compared to private flour. According to the current food policy, 20% subsidy is given, but the government Instead of putting the burden on the people, it has been decided to give maximum subsidy. In the meeting, financial assistance to the poor living areas, working boundary of Punjab province was also approved according to the recommendations of the cabinet committee, under which the future refugees on the pattern of LoC. Exemption will also be given to the resident working boundary Punjab. Formed, the chairman of this committee will be Chaudhry Akbar Ibrahim Government Minister Abdul Majid Khan, Faheem Akhtar Rabbani, SMBR, Secretary Law, Secretary Agriculture will join this committee. Azad Jammu and Kashmir Safe Cities Board Act 2022 has been approved in the cabinet, the senior most minister will be the vice-chairman of this board. In the cabinet meeting, a committee was formed for the draft of the Child Protection Act, the head of which will be Special Assistant for Information Chaudhry Rafiq Nair, while Chaudhry Akbar Ibrahim, Secretary Law, Secretary Information and Secretary Social Welfare will finalize the draft. Azad Jammu and Kashmir Flood Plan Regulation Act 2022 was also approved in the cabinet meeting. Under this act, measures will be taken to protect human lives including the control of flood situation on the banks of rivers, implementation of building code. Prime Minister Azad Kashmir Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan said in his speech that in view of the problems of the people of Azad Kashmir, a record subsidy has been given on flour, this process will continue in the future, the government should not give any minute to the citizens on the issue of cheap bread. Gai, despite severe pressure, provided flour to people at their doorsteps will go Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan said that the purpose of providing subsidy is to give relief to low income people, so financially stable people should play their role to bring this relief to the downtrodden sections.

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