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NationalGovernment of Azad Kashmir and AJK Action Committees at Odds: Commitment Breach Sparks Unrest

Government of Azad Kashmir and AJK Action Committees at Odds: Commitment Breach Sparks Unrest

Muzaffarabad (Azadi Times) – The spokesperson of the Azad Kashmir government, Minister Abdul Majid Khan, has stated that the government’s reconciliation committee has, as per its commitment, unconditionally released the detained members of the action committees during the initial round of negotiations.

However, the action committees are reportedly violating their own commitment, with members continuing the collection of electricity bills and staging protests in main thoroughfares. In an attempt to incite the public, there have been efforts to spread sensationalist news about cutting electricity connections on the occasion of the foundation day.

He added that according to the directives of the Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir, the reconciliation committee and the public action committee had reached an agreement in the first round of negotiations to take practical steps to reconcile both sides and create a conducive environment.

The government regrets that the action committees are not adhering to their commitments and are continuing the collection of electricity bills, staging protests, and delivering inflammatory speeches. The government has been trying to incite the public and create unrest by spreading false news about cutting electricity connections.

The government spokesperson of Azad Kashmir emphasized that the government believes in negotiations and has taken practical steps, including the release of the detained members, in accordance with its commitment. He mentioned that Prime Minister Chaudhry Anwar-ul-Haq has not only supported legitimate demands but has also devoted all his efforts to their resolution.

The way in which Azad Kashmir’s issues have been raised with the federal government during Chaudhry Anwar-ul-Haq’s tenure is unprecedented in the past.

The government spokesperson appealed to the general public to pay their electricity bills so that the government could gather revenue for the welfare and development of the people. He urged the members of the action committee to fulfill their commitment and appeal to the public to pay their electricity bills.

He stated that after the release of the detained members, both sides should move forward with a positive mindset. The Azad Kashmir government not only acknowledges its responsibilities but is also taking practical steps to fulfill them.

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