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Solidarity Rally in Skardu Voices Support for Oppressed Palestinians, Condemns Israeli Aggression

Gilgit BaltistanSolidarity Rally in Skardu Voices Support for Oppressed Palestinians, Condemns Israeli Aggression

Skardu (Azadi Times) – Under the auspices of the Palestine Freedom Movement, a protest rally was organized at Skardu Yadgar Chowk to express solidarity with the oppressed Palestinians.

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The event saw a significant turnout of citizens and notable figures, including religious scholars, among whom Provincial President of Jamiat-e-Ahle Sunnat Agha Syed Ali Rizvi, Sheikh Zaid Hussain Zaidi, opposition leader Muhammad Kazim Maitham, Sheikh Hassan Jawhari, Captain (R) Sikandar Ali representing the Pakistan People’s Party, Najaf Ali of the Social Society, Divisional President Ashiq Hussain, and President of Youth Wing Syed Atta participated.

During their speeches, the speakers highlighted that Israel is taking its last breaths, a scenario unthinkable during the time of Iron Dome confrontations.

Modern technology has revealed Israel’s frailty against the invisible power, as demonstrated by the resilience of Hamas and Hezbollah.

These faith-based powers have compelled Israel and the likes of Zionist forces in America to choose an ignominious retreat. More than 400,000 Jews have fled Israel in just a few days.

Israel’s attacks on hospitals and places of worship have claimed the lives of innocent civilians, including small children, in addition to tarnishing the sanctity of these institutions.

However, the world’s focus remains on portraying Israel’s citizens as victims, an overt manipulation of the West’s biased policy.

The speakers emphasized that most Islamic countries are victims of self-interest, with only Iran and Hezbollah in Lebanon standing in solidarity with Hamas, a stance representing the dignity of Muslim nations.

They emphasized the necessity of providing all possible cooperation while supporting our Palestinian Muslim brothers.

It is incumbent upon us all to extend every form of support to our Palestinian Muslim brothers and to collaborate in any way possible.

The rally concluded with a collective call for the international community to take concrete action to halt Israel’s aggression and to stand in solidarity with the innocent Palestinians facing oppression and violence.

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