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Hattian Bala PC elections: court stopped the journalists panel from making rhetoric against the newly elected president


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Hattian Bala: (Bureau Report) On December 25, 2022, the newly elected president of the organizing body Qalam Panel, Ejaz Ahmed Mir, Secretary General Mubarak Hussain Awan, through the Council District Press Club, decided to form a self-constituted body against the elected organizing body of Hattian Bala and the officially elected Qalam Panel.


Ejaz Ahmed Meera War, the elected president of the pen panel against spreading negative propaganda against the president and other officials.

General Secretary Mubarak Hussain Awan filed a claim against the presidential candidate of the journalist panel Arshad Awan, Mohammad Aslam Mirza, Syed Umar Kazmi, Israr Hamdani, and Vice Chairman Press Foundation Syed Abrar Haider in the court of Senior Civil Judge Hattian Bala. The court has obtained an injunction from Senior Civil Judge Hattian Bala.

By forming a parallel body organization officials against the District Press Club Hattian Bala by advertising it on social media, print media, and electronic media, the defendant Alim was informed through notices. Called for December 2022.

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