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AJK Govt seeks Pakistan army’s help for LG polls


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Muzaffarabad: During the municipal elections, the Pakistan Army took responsibility for maintaining law and order during LG polls in Azad Kashmir and supporting the civil administration. Azadi Times Reported..,

Pakistan Army troops are fully mobilized to ensure law and order situation along with civil administration, police and other institutions in addition to Pakistan Army cantonments, cantonments and army areas.Pak Army troops are patrolling to deal with any emergency.

Security forces and QRF have been established at various locations and are in full communication with the local administration of all areas.

Citizens can contact Pakistan Army Regional Centers in any emergency situation.

Pakistan Army is also establishing control rooms in sub-sectors.

Pak Army troops have reached Muzaffarabad, Neelum and Jhelum Valley.

Security duties will be performed with Pakistan Army, Civil Administration and Police.

The Pakistan Army and Civil Administration have completed arrangements to ensure law and order situation.

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