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Inquiry of allotted plots in MDA, committee set up


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Mirpur (Dharti News) President of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Barrister Sultan Mahmood Chaudhry has said that the Mirpur Development Agency was created for the resettlement of Mangala Dam victims, but due to the defects in the MDA for the past time, the public has lost confidence in this agency. In the past, the institution was the center of property. Recently, a committee was set up under the chairmanship of Mirpur Institutional Development Minister Chaudhry Arshad Hussain to inquire into the allotment of 362 allotted plots in MDA, in which the four members of the assembly, Chaudhry Yasir Sultan, Chaudhry Azhar Sadiq. Chaudhry Qasim Majeed, DGMDA, Secretary PPH and Commissioner will be the members of this committee. The overall supervision of the committee will be done by the Chief Secretary of Azad Kashmir. The process of punishment should be started for those. The agency will prepare a strategy to remove the defects from the developments. Regarding the defects and complaints of the previous period, send the case to accountability and corruption. Regarding MDA corruption to the government. It is also a matter of deep concern that the Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir a few days ago, Mir Development Institute I made a sudden visit to Pur. No compromise will be made regarding corruption in MDA and no concession will be made. I myself am a victim of Mangala Dam but neither I nor my father Majid nor my son from MDA. My father Majid was a member of the assembly, I myself was elected a member of the assembly 9 times now my son is also a member of the assembly. In the presence of the four elected members of the assembly of Mirpur, they will now restore the improvement and dignity of this institution. He expressed these views while presiding over the meeting organized on the occasion of the briefing of Mirpur Development Institute. In the meeting, Chief Secretary Azad Kashmir Muhammad Usman Chachar, Minister of Energy and Water Resources and Mirpur Development Agency Chaudhry Arshad Hussain, Minister of Physical Planning and Housing Chaudhry Yasir Sultan, Minister of Public Works and Communications Chaudhry Azhar Sadiq, Member of Assembly Chaudhry Qasim Majeed and other officers were also present in the meeting. A detailed briefing was given to Jammu and Kashmir Barrister Sultan Mahmood about the institution. The President of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Barrister Sultan Mahmood Chaudhry instructed all the officers of Mirpur Development Agency to restore the public’s trust in the Development Agency in the past. The development agency was criticized and there were many complaints from the people. People have high expectations from us. In order to meet the expectations of the people, corruption and irregularities must be eradicated forever. Do not let it become a secondary institution anymore. The institution had become very infamous Now is the time to fix it. Protection of the rights of allottees should be ensured in institutional developments and all matters should be dealt with according to law and order.

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