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Jammu & Kashmir National Students Federation Welcomes New members from Jamia Kotli

Latest News Updates about Kotli Azad KashmirJammu & Kashmir National Students Federation Welcomes New members from Jamia Kotli

In a significant development, a young womens from Jammu & Kashmir has joined the Jammu & Kashmir National Students Federation, marking a noteworthy addition to the organization.

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From Jamia Kotli, brings with her the hopes and aspirations of the region, with expectations that the comrades will persevere in their journey from the current challenging circumstances to a promising future.

The announcement was met with congratulations, emphasizing the anticipation that these dedicated individuals will navigate through the metaphorical dark night and emerge into a bright red dawn, fueled by passion and determination.

The overarching goal remains the pursuit of an independent Jammu and Kashmir, echoing the sentiment of the #RightsMovementAJK.

This development underscores the active participation and engagement of the youth in the ongoing socio-political discourse, as they strive for a better and self-determined future for the region. The entrance of this new member from Jamia Kotli reflects the continued commitment to the cause and a collective effort towards realizing the aspirations of an independent Jammu and Kashmir.

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