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Karachi, Kashmir Day Cricket Tournament. Kashmir Community World Cup.. Special Report

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In the first week of February this year, on the occasion of Kashmir Solidarity Day, “Kashmir Day Cricket Tournament” was organized at Hill Park Ground Karachi, which is being awarded with the honor of “World Cup” of Kashmir community. The tournament was played on a league system for the first time, with a total of 24 teams divided into eight pools. The important thing about this tournament was that the organizers of the tournament imposed a restriction that only Kashmiri players could play in the teams participating in this tournament. In this unique tournament, star players from all over Azad Kashmir participated. added, making the tournament four moons. The players were divided into three categories in the tournament. The A category included the top stars of Kashmir and only two A category players were allowed to open in each team. Five from the B category and the rest were Kashmiri players based in Karachi. Alhamdulillah this tournament was very successful. For the first time, two teams from Tehsil Thorar of Poonch district participated in this tournament. One team named “Thorar Sports Club” and the other “Sardi Sports Club” came to the field and played well and Thorar Sports Club played well. He named this tournament after himself. The owner of Thorar Sports Club is a young well-known businessman Sardar Shahzad Afsar and a prominent Kashmiri social personality Sardar Arshad Mehmood. The team of Thorar Sports Club was led by Shehzad Afsar, the players who were a part of this club were stars players Shakeel Shah, Sarmad Malik, Azhar Lala, King Qamro, Asim Liaquat, Bilal Balu, Azhar Sami, Asad Khan, Saqib Manzoor, Rashid. Khan, Waqas Shahrom, Zaheen Arshad, Owais Naseem, and Talha Arshad were included. The best batsman of the tournament was Shakeel Shah of Thorar Sports Club and the best bowler was Sarmad Malik. All the players performed well. Sardi Sports Club was led by young businessman Sardar Rais and the vice captain was Sardar Arbaaz. Sardi Sports Club also showed high performance in the preliminary matches but unfortunately faced Thorar Sports in the second round in which Thorar Sports won. A large number of spectators from Tehsil Thorar participated in this tournament and cheered and cheered their players. Sardar Janant Hussain and Ansarah Hussain, a well-known businessman, generously helped the players financially to make the tournament a success. And also played his role in making the whole event successful. Sardar Maqsood-ul-Zaman, Sardar Maqbool-ul-Zaman patronized in organizing the tournament, while the members of the organizing committee, Sardar Arshad Mehmood, Ilyas Bhai, Hashim Abdali, Sohail Khan, Waqar Khan, Ashiq Bhai, Maqbool Bhai and others played an excellent role. The chief guests of the closing ceremony of the tournament were the president and founder of Business Forum Azad Kashmir, Poonch Chambers and Industry and the chief executive of Phase Enterprise, Sardar Imran Aziz and Sardar Sultanbhai. Kashmir community Karachi participated fully in the event. In the end, while addressing the ceremony, the honored guests also spoke about the relevance of this day and praised the Kashmiri community based in Karachi and especially the organizing committee of this tournament in highlighting this day and prayed for the freedom of Kashmir.

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