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Kashmiri Craftsman Revives Tradition of Grass-Made Sandals

NewsKashmiri Craftsman Revives Tradition of Grass-Made Sandals

Srinagar (Azadi Times): In a time when the rest of the world is embracing modern technological innovations, a craftsman from Indian-administered Kashmir is reminiscing about the era when Kashmiris relied solely on a humble material – grass – to craft sandals and other items.

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These grass-made sandals, locally known as “palhur” and “chata,” used to be a favorite among Kashmiris. During winters, the “chata” kept them warm, while the “palhur” helped them navigate the snow with ease.

Mohammad Yousuf Bhat, who learned this craft from his father, resides on the outskirts of Srinagar. He remarked, “Through this skill, we can create various items including mats and sandals, provided the grass is fresh and dry.”

He further explained that until a few decades ago, many people in Kashmir couldn’t afford or access leather shoes due to limited resources, hence they relied on grass-made products.

“Today, the younger generation pays little attention to this traditional craftsmanship as newer alternatives are available. However, about five to six months ago, this craft garnered attention in Kashmir, and authorities included it in the curriculum of design schools,” Yousuf added.

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